Jennifer Aniston unveils the secret behind her ageless look as water. Ellen Pompeo also maintains the same statement and so does Gabrielle Union. I bet if you line them up in a row and inquire after their secret of beauty and always camera-ready skin, they will all chant in unison, ‘water, water, water…’ So while the precious liquid gold has tons of votes by its side, the real question is what does science say?

As strange as it may sound, there is a lack of substantial evidence backing water as the rescuer for all the skin problems. This is probably because water cannot be patented and made profits on so there are less, generous people out there who are willing to fund the research for the sake of greater skin good.

However, what is well established is that water is the parent of hydration, moisturization, or whatever term you prefer. The underlying meaning to all these is the same. Since the human body is comprised of two-thirds of water, it is only best to maintain that equation and stay healthy. In case disturbed or onto the bandwagon of fluctuation owing to the weather or any other factor, the greatest signs are dried, baked-in-the-desert skin and chapped lips that freak a person out.

Also, when the body is short on water the cells become drained. You wouldn’t really know what is happening on the inside but apparently shrinking cells, that lack the main constituent of their making, will show a loss of skin elasticity, firmness, and eventually give way to premature wrinkles. A well-hydrated skin, on the flip side, looks plumper with minimal signs of aging.

In addition, the skin is the largest organ in the body. If it lacks water, it would not be able to fight the acne breakouts that are always so desperate to grow and show themselves off. The skin is a balanced ratio of water and oil, both of which are critical factors in maintaining its health and radiance. It is significant to have a stable balance of this oil-water ratio on the skin’s surface. If its ratio is disturbed with increased coverage of oil relative to water, the result is clogged pores that are precursors of acne and blemishes.

So now that we know the problems, let’s get to the solutions part that is heavily dependent on moisturizers. The great human error of all times is to simply run to the skincare ale and gather all the good looking and possibly potential moisturizers for dryness. But the fundamental problem remains unaddressed and it is problem that is brewing on the inside. Moisturizers may help us to restore the skin’s water content but it is only a temporary solution and the one that is acting on the outside.

In essence, water is a natural solution that treats the problem from inside out, ensuring that all the cells are hydrated and the skin smiles from the inside. Unlike the case of moisturizers that aim to force the skin into smiling for only a few good camera shots.

On the whole, therefore, water is a natural agent that can help to maintain the skin’s health and glow from the inside. This is based on the understanding that hydration is the golden secret to prevent dryness and encourage a soft and smooth skin. At the same time, water maintains the oil-water balance of the skin so that wrinkles look smaller and acne and blemishes can take a break. So it all comes down to hydrated skin that looks plumper with minimal chances of breakouts and blemishes, and softer skin.