Kylie Jenner doesn’t need paparazzi to follow her around for her to be a total hit, always in the headlines. In fact, she’s always one social media post away from conquering the internet – again, and again. The makeup mogul joined YouTube earlier this year as a vlogger but much more glamorous. And though she doesn’t post often, we’re always waiting for a new video.

In the latest one which came out a few days back, Kylie had everyone glued as she gave fans a virtual tour of her extravagant office. However, what caught the most attention was the short musical debut that she made. Yes, you read that read, Kylie Jenner actually can be heard singing in the vlog.

At 15 minutes and 25 seconds, the Kylie Cosmetics founder opens the door to her baby girl Stormi’s bedroom where she switches on the light and simultaneously says in a singsong voice, “rise and shine.” This moment has spread like a wildfire on the internet with several people making memes out of it.

On an honest note, the audience is just having fun and is not very thrilled with Jenner’s voice. Many have made sarcastic comments and laugh-out-loud memes about Kylie’s verse. And almost everyone thinks that Kylie doesn’t even properly sing the word “rise.” Instead, it seems as if she’s saying “horizon” or “huh-rise.”

As always there’s also speculation that this scene in the video is perfectly staged with a lot of shots having assumedly gone into getting just the right one. After all, Stormi seems to be awake already when Kylie enters the room. Could she have been playing in the dark, all alone?

And the cameraman doesn’t enter with Kylie, he’s already inside the room as obvious from the angle of the camera. It can be though that the room already has a camera attached. In fact, people think that everything that the Kardashians do on and off their show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, is thoroughly scripted with all credits going to Kris Jenner.

On a YouTube video that showed the iconic moment someone wrote, “the fact that the camera man was already in the room and stormi is already awake is killing me.” Another person added, “I wonder how many times they had to reshoot this so Kylie could hit the high note. Stormi just chillin in the dark.”

The influence of Kylie is so strong that the popularity of her lyric reached Ariana Grande. The Thank You, Next star sang the verse herself and posted the story to Instagram with a caption asking Kylie if she could sample it. Jenner responded on her own Instagram story, giving Grande the rights but on one condition – Kylie should be in the music video.

The reality TV show star knows that her short verse has gained popularity in meme land and she’s not shy about it. In fact, she’s found a new way to make cash from it. Kylie has changed her Instagram bio to Rise and Shine. She’s also shared a fan-photoshopped image of her face bordered by the sun. Way to go, Kylie! That’s how you take such funny criticism.

What’s really shocking and funny though is that Kylie Jenner has also shared the picture of a hoodie with the lyric written on the sleeves to Instagram. Fans can actually buy this hoodie from Kylie Jenner’s shop! Another variation of the hoodie is also available with both retailing for $65. Jenner is undoubtedly a great businesswomen who knows what to monetize every.single.thing.


Note that Kylie Jenner is not the first from the family to sing. In fact, Kim Kardashian also once released a song called “Jam.” The song gained a lot of sarcastic criticism and people are now going back to listen to it, wondering if Kylie and Kim plan to collaborate on music.

Even if they don’t though, we’ll definitely be having Rise and Shine topping charts when Ariana releases it in a few months with a bomb video featuring the makeup maestro herself. Oh, and don’t be shocked if soon Kylie release a complete Rise and Shine makeup collection. In the meanwhile, let’s wait for when this supreme popular moment of Kylie singing is covered on the reality show.