We’ve been noticing an increasing amount of celebrities leaping into the engagement realm. It’s seems to be a trend of sorts – or is there more to it? Fans believed that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin had rushed into matters when the ‘It’ model rocked the ring that confirmed their relationship status.

However, a new source has revealed that there is a whole lot more history between Bieber and Baldwin than just two months of dating. “Justin’s been in love with her for a long time, so this didn’t just come from out of the blue,” a reliable source informed TMZ. We’ve heard about Bieber’s love for Baldwin being something that has bloomed overtime on several occasions over the past few months.

However, only now can we say with absolute belief that the couple had love brewing a long time before the public was made aware of it. Reportedly, Baldwin and Bieber have been dating on and off since 2016. How did they escape media attention for more than two years? Only they know.

Because frankly, it seems like the paparazzi is latched on to the couple every single day now that they are together. While people are busy pondering over the clues they might have missed, we have one question that we would really appreciate if answered: was there any moment when Bieber was dating both Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin?

The Canadian crooner’s love timeline with the Wolves singer extends from 2011 to 2018 though unofficially, their romance birthed in 2009. An in-depth speculation of their confusing relationship shows that while Bieber had started dating Hailey Baldwin in 2016, in the spring of the very same year, he and Selena Gomez did hint at being together.

So, is it possible that Justin Bieber was dating both woman at the same time? We can’t say for sure, but the news stating that JB and HB’s love affair falls under the on-again and off-again category since 2016 does make us wonder. Justin Bieber only got out of a rumored relationship with Gomez earlier this year, just before his romance with Hailey Baldwin rekindled.

Talking about Justin Bieber’s engagement with Hailey Baldwin, if you are wondering whether the Never Say Never singer and his fiancé are planning to tie the knot soon, good thing we’ve got answers about this at least! A solid source revealed to TMZ that Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are not planning on getting hitched before next year.

To fans, it might have seemed like they were going to exchange vows in a week – their chemistry did make it seem so. Don’t be quick to come to conclusions and think that they are unsure hence the delay. Because that is not the reason.

The cause is simple – they are committed to each other and don’t need to have Mr. and Mrs. attached to their names to carry that on. Also, come on, marriages take time to plan no matter how wealthy you are. The source said that the two lovebirds don’t want to “put pressure” on themselves.

Another source had also confirmed that Justin and Hailey would be getting married next year. Last month, an insider had told E! News that these two “want to be married next year. They are having both of their families be very involved in the process and do not want to make a huge deal out of the celebration. It will not be an over-the-top wedding.”

Also, we’ve heard the news of them not planning a massive wedding before too. We’re excited to learn more about their romance.