The right dress can take you to places. the wrong one can too; only that those places are more like hell. Outfits are like that; they can make or break your life. However, the only way to get past a wardrobe fail is by entirely ignoring it. A fashion malfunction can strike uninvited, but you’ve got to deal with it coolly. Just like celebs do. Even this year the stars who have suffered through these oh-no moments have handled them brilliantly.

Earlier this month, some publications reported that Halsey had faced a wardrobe mishap however that was dubbed as false news. That said, not every report is fake and not everyone is as lucky as Kendall Jenner who dodged a major bullet last year at the New York Fashion Week. Though we’ve only stepped into this year, we already have a few of these fashion-oops moments. Here are four wardrobe malfunctions 2018.

Yura Min

It absolutely sucks when you’re all prepared, but your dress is not. On Sunday at the Olympics event this year, ice dancer Yura Min’s name popped into the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The South Korean skater’s outfit’s hooks came undone when the show had just started. Her dress could have come entirely apart. However, she handled it like a pro. The 22-year-old dancer held her head high and shoulders back to keep her clothes in place.

Her posture was stiff, saving her from mortifying herself in front of so many people. In an interview with The Detroit Free Press, she said, “I was like, ‘Oh no!’ If that comes undone, the whole thing could just pop off. I was terrified the entire program.” However, this became an obstacle between her and a high rank. She might have won the hearts of fans, but she couldn’t win extra points with the judges.

Miley Cyrus

Known for her carefree spirit, Miley Cyrus actually made a wardrobe oh-no mistake that lead too much exposure but guess what? She didn’t even bat an eyelash. Earlier this year, when the Malibu singer was headed for shooting The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, her black pants that had thigh cutouts revealed a bit too much of her as she walked. But that is nothing compared to her Wrecking Ball video, so oh well, no big deal.

Bella Hadid

When you are a model, at least once you do face an awful fashion blunder. The Hadids have made it to the news a few times before as well for the fashion calamities that they have faced on the runway. Only recently, Gigi, the elder Hadid girl had flashed more flesh than she had intended to on the Anna Sui ramp in the New York Fashion Week last year.

Younger sister Bella Hadid faced a mishap this year while walking the ramp for the Alexander Vauthier show in the Paris Couture Week. Her walk was fierce, but her black top couldn’t hold up; it slipped lower than it should have. However, the 21-year-old didn’t even blink. With her eyes looking ahead, she waltzed without a single care like the pro she is.

Camila Cabello

While Cabello won hearts with her classy scarlet gown at the Grammy’s 2018, it could have all been ruined had she not had the confidence to turn her back to the interviewer and fix her maxi. For her confidence, the former Fifth Harmony member was not just applauded but looked up to as well. Not only did she save herself from a supremely mortifying situation, but she also managed to make it to the list of the best dressed for looking like a total sophisticated babe at an event where everyone channels their inner wild and creative. Best part? She herself shared the moment on social media.