When it comes to shopping, the average woman has to be economical. But she also has to be smart. She can’t spend too much on everything but there are some fashion items that should be expensive or look that way at least. Wondering which wardrobe essentials are worth buying expensive? Here’s a list of 6 must-haves that you should always buy branded.

  1. Handbags

Your handbag is sure to stand out. Research shows that an average woman has at least 17 handbags. Now, that’s quite a lot. Women are obsessed with handbags. Perhaps this is why Drake is all about stacking Hermes Birkin bags for his wife to be. However, not everyone is as filthy rich as the One Dance rapper.

So, most women spend their bucks on bags that are not on the costly side of the scale. That said, instead of purchasing two cheap bags, consider investing in one statement handbag that can suit all your needs. You won’t regret this decision.

  1. A Pair of Jeans

Your jeans are the only pair of clothing that you depend on like bees rely on nectar. Okay, that was going too far, but the point is that you most probably wear the same pair of jeans a lot. From work to evening hangouts, from grocery shopping to just a casual stroll downtown, a chic pair of jeans is something you wear everywhere.

We wouldn’t be surprised if you repeat the same one on most days paired with different tops and tees. This is why, we believe splurging on a pair of skinny jeans that is comfortable is totally worth it. Make sure it’s not too trendy like a pair of cropped jeans or baggy ones. Stay classic.

  1. Intimate wear

Your undies should always be expensive. Specifically, your bras. Do not ever go for cheap ones in fact. A pair of comfortable and beautiful undergarments can lift up your spirits (and your cleavage and bottom) and make you feel more confident in your skin. The thing about most pricey intimates is that they fit like they are made for you.

Moreover, if your clothes are even a bit on the transparent side, or if there are any chances of sweating enough to drench them, your underwear will be visible. You wouldn’t want a pair of cheap ones to get exposed. Unless, they’re really cute.

  1. Work wear

Your office clothes should always be impeccable and expensive. A pair of black trousers, a blazer or your suit, these are wardrobe basics that should be invested in. Because the returns are also worth the investment. You see, when you meet new people at work, your clothing choices leave an impression on those you come across.

Even your boss can be noticing such details about your appearance. Presentable people tend to climb up the ladder easily. Of course, they have to be talented first, but style matters as well. So, when it comes to work wear, don’t be miserly.

  1. Jewelry

Last but not the least, your jewelry must always be expensive. By expensive, we don’t mean ‘luxury’ neither does the word translate to diamonds. We’re talking about delicate designs and premium quality here. You don’t have to go for high-end brands that your wallets sputters even when it just has to think about them.

We’re talking Accessorize and the like. Cheap jewelry tends to lose its luster all to quick and it doesn’t look good as well as it gives a rusted vibe after one of two wears, particularly, if you are someone who lives in a hot country and sweats a lot too.

  1. Footwear

Whether you are spending your money on sneakers, on a pair of heels or just flip flops, make sure to buy ones that are of great quality. We’d even suggest you go for designer wear here if you can. They say, the first thing that someone notices about you is the footwear you have on. This is why, your feet should always be pedicured, your shoes should be clean and on-point.

Cheap footwear also tends to be uncomfortable. Some people are also unable to find the right sizes when they buy from local shops. Moreover, unsurprisingly cheap footwear can also hurt your feet enough to leave bruises behind. Walking in heels is already a chore. No point making it tougher.

Wrapping up, there are some fashion items that you shouldn’t hesitate in spending on. Because a classy handbag, a pair of jeans that can serve you 24/7, an enchanting heel, and praiseworthy work clothes are worth all the green bills you put in for them. Buy styles that can go with other items in your closet. So, a pair of blue jeans, a beige handbag, a black sandal, like that. Short on cash? Wait for sales or scavenge for coupons.