A very good day to everyone around the globe who had been waiting for Disney+ to give a glimpse of its upcoming Marvel shows because this wish has been granted!

The production studio shared a three-into-one teaser of WandaVision, Loki, and Falcon and Winter Soldier which, of course, left everyone even more excited for what’s to come.

The WandaVision bit looks like its on weed but the showrunners have certainly only given an exciting bite with a lot more amaze yet to come. Then comes Falcon and Winter Soldier which undoubtedly looks so bonzer you’d like to pause and think about it. Finally, there’s Loki and you know how that mischief brews endless possibilities!


As expected, within minutes of release the teaser had people talking on Twitter. Let’s start with what everyone’s saying about Loki, even though we won’t be getting this show until 2021.


Everyone’s pointing out how Loki has definitely been captured by the Time Variance Authority with his shirt’s logo exposing his whereabouts. Loki being Loki, fans will be on the best Avengers’ ride with his show as the Tom Hiddleston character goes jumping from one universe to another.



People are wondering if, while hopping the multiverse, Steve Rogers got arrested by the TVA as well? Could it be that he’d eventually show up in the shows or movies? There’s a lot of stories to explore there too. With Marvel introducing a multiverse, how can any character even be dead for good?

Though everyone is supremely thrilled for WandaVision, no one’s exactly sure of what to expect. Will the show be a comedy or action-packed or both? Will it be a sitcom? It sure looks that way. In the teaser, we see Wanda returning to Vision who had died in Avengers Infinity War.

So, how is he back? The next shots continue to hint that they’ve somehow gone back in time and are in the 90’s. We get a glimpse of Wanda in the original comics costume and then we catch her pregnant too! In a quick scene, Wanda and Vision are standing in front of cradles which confirms that their twins will be joining the show. So, really, what’s happening here?





Lastly, there’s Falcon and Winter Soldier which has both Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson looking sharp. True to the Captain America theme, a look at this show gives spy vibes and packs in action.


Fortunately for us, we’ll be getting Falcon and Winter Soldier as well as WandaVision in fall this year. So, which of these shows are you most excited for? Marvel also released a mini clip for Black Widow which will be in cinemas this May.