June 26, 2022

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VoWifi free, IPTV robber fined 200,000 euros, weekly review

Free subscribers can now use VoWifi, an IPTV robber can be fined ,000 200,000, and Galaxy smartphones can be delivered without screen protection, which is the review of the week.

A week full of trials for our Phonandroid teams! On the news page, free subscribers were pleasantly surprised to finally be able to use VoWifi, and today we explain how to implement it. While Samsung may lose the protection film of its Galaxy smartphones, the Apple Watch is once again proving to be an excellent health tool. Finally, if Windows 11 is incompatible but you decide to install it on your computer, expect to receive a warning from Microsoft soon.

Apple Watch has detected symptoms of a rare disease

In Australia, Lauren, a nursing student, shared a Dictoc video to encourage Apple Watch users to run health notifications on their smartphones. In fact, the young woman with thyroid hemogenesis, her attached watch suggests that she may have been diagnosed with this serious disease. However, the young woman explains that she discovered her illness by going to the doctor because she did not activate some announcements about her iPhone’s health application.

Step: The Apple Watch was diagnosed a few months before the user was diagnosed with the disease

200,000 euros for this IPTV robber

The Right Alliance has helped the Swedish police to investigate a hacker who runs an IPTV service called MacIPTV. Police found that the young man had collected more than 265,000 euros, which included 18 bitcoins, or approximately 670,000 extra euros. The court convicted the pirate of copyright infringement and fined him 200,000 euros for the production companies involved.

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Step: IPTV: A pirate who sold 3,000 subscriptions was fined 200,000 euros

Credit: Pixabay

Enable VoWifi now

Good news for free subscribers, the operator has finally announced the arrival of VoWifi (or Voice over WiFi) on Twitter, which will enable making calls and SMS over the WiFi network. Subscribers living in remote areas where the signal can sometimes be difficult will be happy to benefit from better call quality and efficient internet speeds. To know all about VoWifi and understand how to implement it, do not hesitate to check out our newsletter.

Step: Free finally offers VoWiFi to its subscribers, what is it and how does it work?

Credit: Unsplash

Windows 11: Warning for incompatible computers

You may have downloaded the latest version of the OS on your old PC, despite Microsoft’s recommendations regarding the minimum system requirements for installing Windows 11 on your computer. If so, you will soon receive a reminder that your computer is incompatible. See what prompts Microsoft to warn users once again

Step: Windows 11: Microsoft sends a warning to those who have installed the OS on a non-compatible computer

Credit: Albacore

The security image may disappear from Galaxy smartphones

Many parts are gradually disappearing from Samsung smartphone boxes for environmental reasons. After chargers or wired headphones, some Galaxy boxes do not have a screen protector, i.e. Galaxy S21 FE or range Galaxy S22. Samsung has also announced in its official forum that it plans to offer screen protection for any of its smartphones in the future.

Step: Samsung will not be providing screen protection with its Galaxy smartphones anytime soon

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Our tests of the week

We won with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Although Samsung’s new flagship is huge and its processor is disappointing due to overheating, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is still a great smartphone. Here we find the best screen on the market, we especially appreciate the S-Pen and have nothing to complain about on the photo page. While we wanted more innovations compared to the S21 version, the S22 Ultra fascinated us and is one of the best Android smartphones of all time.

Step: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review: The new king of Android smartphones?

4/5 for Sony LinkBuds

With its new LinkBuds Bluetooth headphones, Sony takes a risky bet with a different design and no active noise reduction. Therefore, we appreciate these lightweight and compact headphones, audio quality, easy-to-use balance and touch controls. However, keep in mind that autonomy is really average, recharge is not fast and you can only use LinkBuds if you are at home and in a quiet place.

Step: Sony LinkBuds Review: Headphones with holes to keep your ears open

The Redmi Note 11 impresses with its price and quality

The Redmi Note 11 definitely offers the best value for money in the market. With its well-sized full HD + 90 Hz AMOLED screen, its decent battery life and beautiful daytime photos, this new smartphone won us over. We notice the presence of a dual symmetrical speaker and jack board. We regret that the processor is a little weak and the night photos are very bad, but for less than 199 euros, the Redmi Note 11 is a great product.

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Step: Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Review: A complete experience at a low price

Realme 9 Pro +: Photos for less than 400 euros?

If you want to get quality photophone without much cost, it is now possible with Realme 9 Pro +. In this price range our test allowed us to find quality screen that respects colors for the smartphone, good autonomy, fast charging and above all incredible photo quality. Despite the excellent performance and the fact that fingerprints on the shell are hard to avoid, the Realme 9 Pro + is definitely the best photophone on the market for less than 400 euros.

Step: Realme 9 Pro + Test: The best photophone for less than 400 euros?

High quality graphics quality for Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West takes on the qualities of the first episode and improves a little more. The art movement is flawless, the graphics are impressive, at least in performance mode, the combat system is improved and the plot is even better integrated. In the black dots of this second Opus, we note that VF is not always good, conflicts with humans are sometimes desirable, facial animation is more appropriate and Fidelity 4K 30 FPS mode should be avoided. After all, we won and we were glad to see Horizon Forbidden West have a good lifespan.

Step: Horizon Forbidden West Test: PS5’s first big open world