May 26, 2022

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Video. “When I see the ISS passing through the sky, it’s very strange to me,” French astronaut Thomas Pesket declared in France 2.

“I’m adjusting again with the Earth’s environment.” One week after returning to Earth, French astronaut Thomas Pesket answered questions from France 2 at the Space Center in Cologne (Germany) on Friday, November 19th. “Every day, we try to restore strength and bone density, improve the vestibular structure, balance …” He explained, adding that he recovered faster than his first mission.

He specifically spent a total of 40 hours, returning to his four extra vehicle trips in compressed diving suits. “It’s physically difficult, it’s like a marathon, but the upper body is a marathon, He explained. It taxes the human body, but we train at the station and before work.

During his stay, Thomas Pesket took many pictures to show the beauty of space and our planet. The astronaut claims to have taken the bulk “245 000 photos” From the ISS and posting “Nearly 3,000” On social networks. Back on earth, he explains it “Lots of muscles [lui] Remember their presence often “Because he had not used it for months. But he benefits again “Small Pleasures of Everyday Life”, As “The Scent of Nature” And “Wind”.

“This is a surprise”, Thomas Baskett commented after the Russian firing on an old satellite, which triggered thousands of pieces of debris that posed a threat to the ISS. “Even our Russian colleagues and the Russian space agency were overwhelmed with surprise. We know the danger has passed and we will look at this in more detail.” The astronaut made it clear that Europe was trying its part “Guide for example” By not creating “No space junk”.

And now? Thomas Pesket wants to reach the moon. “Before 2030, we will be there. I plan to participate in these missions. The important thing is to set ambitious goals for ourselves.” But the French have some time left before securing a possible candidacy. “It’s very different for me to see the International Space Station flying in the sky, He concludes. I left her a few days ago. ”