Victoria Beckham is a style diva that we all love to learn a trick or two from. She is the Estée Lauder face that made for a successful makeup collaboration and one that had our heart skipping beats in its excited frenzy. Not to forget, the sensation had the world wrapped around her little finger when she had the spotlight as the pop-culture icon alongside the other Spice Girls.

Having said that, it does not take a genius to guess that the woman has a good net worth to herself. Her beauty collection is littered with items that cost a bomb. Most of us would take that quite literally but then where does the 10-dollars makeup item come on her list of beauty essentials?

Either this does not fit the picture or there is something missing from the glory picture that is painted in golds, after all, it’s Victoria Beckham that we are talking about. But then, where does the black and white pop into the frame?

It basically comes with Beckham’s love for the $10 Bioderma Sensibio H2O Wipes for removing her makeup. This might sound somewhat unbelievable but Victoria just spilled the beans in a recent interview with Into the Gloss.

Victoria Bechkam does not prefer any makeup remover that is ultra-expensive. Instead, she goes for the regular, packed in a pink wrapper makeup remover wipes that are available at the local drug store. This proves that quality does not necessarily have to lie in the expensive corners of the beauty products.

The icon lifted the curtain over her makeup removing regime, “The only face wipes that actually take off all my makeup are the Bioderma ones,”

She further shared, “I always use a cleanser after, but these wipes really get everything off.”



It is also essential to note that Victoria does not simply limit herself to wiping her face clean and that’s all. Instead, she uses a cleanser afterward to show her skin the additional love that it deserves. No wonder, the beauty has such a glowing skin.

It is also safe to say that here is where most of us go wrong. By escaping the regular skin care, we tend to only expose our skin to chemicals and daily makeup without caring to soothe and moisturize it. From what Victoria Beckham has shared, it is wise to take a trick home. And it is that one should not just wipe off the makeup and head to bed. Add another step to your regime and cleanse it too!

Cleansing helps to remove any leftover makeup build up. It also helps you to get rid of the unwanted oil, debris, and dirt on the face. Since our skin is also exposed openly, bacteria from pollution and other sources enjoy making a picnic spot on the face. A good cleaner also aids in disrupting the bacterial party along with getting rid of dead skin cells. In the end, you are left with a total win-win situation so it is only wise to add cleansing to your daily skincare routine.

As for the makeup remover wipes, it is good to see that we are all in league with Beckham at some point. These wipes are beneficial, as they are packed with a micellar water solution, which reciprocates the cells that are used to naturally rebuild the skin’s film.

For purposes of simplicity, the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Wipes will help to remove the makeup from your skin without interfering with the skin’s ability to repair. Moreover, for all those ladies with a sensitive skin, the wipes are fragrance-free so that you can enjoy them to remove your makeup too!