Eyeshadows bring to mind the picture of skillful play. After all, makeup play is best possible with the eyeshadow. To this end, eyeshadows palettes are simply blessings for which we can’t thank the Makeup Gods enough!

With that being said and experimenting hues framing new makeup ideas in our minds, let’s cut to the chase. Urban Decay is going to be dropping their eyeshadow palette real soon. The palette is a wonderful color play that has us gripping the edge of our seats with the patience steadily running out of stock.

In one word, the new soon to come eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay is divine. It’s called Distortion, probably in an attempt to mirror our distorted, scattered, all over the place feelings that happen to plant their seed until the palette finally makes to the market.

Distortion offers 15 shades. Ten of these hues are traditional shades, whereas, the other five shades are transformer shades that will help you to create custom duotone colors. You can layer these colors on top of the other shades or you can even work the highlighter magic with them. It is entirely up to you. After all, there are no limits to experimenting when it comes to new makeup looks.

Some of the shades that you have in the Distortion palette are space, shifty, bleach, mind game, and blur. These are blue, green, gold, lavender, and pink shifts respectively. The rest of the traditional colors include Hot Box which is a green with micro-sparkle, First Offence that is a metallic burnt orange, Rogue that is muted medium purple shimmer, Trash Talk that is a muted medium pink shimmer, 5.0 which is a metallic medium blue, Blackout that is a dark black matte, Territorial that is deep metallic bronze, Old Smoke which is a metallic smoky medium gray, Velvet that is metallic burgundy with gold micro-sparkle, and Shag that is a metallic silver with iridescent micro-sparkle.

Needless to say, all the eyeshadows are amazing and stand as equally tempting, making it difficult to select a few hues are favorites. The package speaks volume of elegance too. The palette literally demands attention.

A thing to note down in your diaries is that Urban Decay Distortion eyeshadow palette will be at your fingertips on December 4th online at Sephora Exclusive. Other than that it will be available on December 29th.