With a mighty sum of money in his bank, there’s no reason for fans to worry how Chris Evans is doing financially.

The actor may have retired from Marvel, but he has a massive net worth of $70 million – of course, being Captain America has paid off.

Unfortunately, though, some people out there have fallen for the trap that Chris needs money for some reason – and they’ve actually paid scams loads thinking the 38-year-old has somehow lost the huge sums that he has made this year.

Chris has appeared in three movies this year – Avengers: Endgame which became one of the biggest hits of all time, The Red Sea Diving Resort which brought in more backlash than cash, and Knives Out which is a promising thriller that must have filled his pockets handsomely.

In order to save his fans from being deceived and his reputation from being tarnished, Evans took to Twitter where he is quite active for warning his fans that scams were out there pretending to be him and looting people of their hard-earned green notes.

The actor tweeted, “Quick message to fans: I would never, EVER ask any fan for money. If you’ve had an interaction with someone claiming to be me asking for money, it’s fake. And to anyone who actually preys on fans in this way, you’re garbage.”

In response tough, fans got funny. Many asked him if he was willing to pay them some money. One person typed, “hello chris is it acceptable if I ask YOU for money.” Another wanted some money for paying rent, “ok but can you give me some money for rent.” Yet another person wanted Chris to pay her student debt, “can u pay off my student debt tho.”

One fan went so far as to say that she needed money because she was dying, “omg king pls send me some money tho i’m dying.” It’s obvious that these fans were just having a good time on Twitter.

Chris Evans doesn’t use any other social network apart from Twitter so that’s the only place online where fans can catch him. He’s not on Instagram or on Snapchat, Facebook, etc. This is one private man we’re talking about who also doesn’t share too many of his pictures.

It’s rare, and an absolute bliss, when the actor goes ahead and shares photos of himself or even his famous pooch, Dodger. On a normal day though, you’d find Chris talking about his political views on Twitter. He’s got quite a huge following but several also dislike him for giving so many of his opinions on politics. At the end of the day though, to each his own.