What is going on here?

No really, what is going on? Because clearly model Summer Bunni is going too far with her tactics. Is she trying to rip apart Cardi B and Offset’s marriage? Is she doing this all for exposure and cash?

We don’t know for sure, but fans sure seem to believe that she’s faking it for making it.

If you have not been keeping up with what’s going on between this love triangle, here’s a quick summary:

Last week Cardi B announced that she and Offset were parting ways. This came off as a surprise to everyone because only some time before that they seemed to be madly in love. Cardi didn’t blame Offset and she created no drama. Simply said that they had both “fallen out of love.”

Then model Summer Bunni jumped into the picture and claimed that she and Offset had shared intimate moments and she was sorry for hurting Cardi B. Summer talked about women empowerment and said that she didn’t know Offset and Cardi were serious despite them being married otherwise she wouldn’t have messed around with the Bad and Boujee rapper.

Fans were of the view that Summer, the woman Offset allegedly cheated on Cardi B with, had sent out an insincere apology to Cardi. Now the latest occurrence is that Summer has released a new song about Offset in which she hints that Offset has been lying to her and also that he needs her.

At the same time Summer’s Instagram account has also went down and she is blaming Cardi B’s fans for that. She thinks they have hacked her account in rage. Summer has also appeared in a Nicki Minaj song recently. We all know Cardi and Nicki have not been on the best terms lately. This who situation is clearly odd.