Kylie Jenner gave Stormi an epic first birthday. However, the amusement park themed party was incomplete as the little one’s aunt, Kendall Jenner, was clearly missing. On the big day, the 23-year-old model was in New York City for fashion week.

Talking about why she missed her niece’s birthday, Kendall told Jimmy Fallon that she was supposed to be there but missed it because the birthday bash’s date got postponed.

She said, “So it was supposed to happen on her [Stormi’s] actual birthday I’m pretty sure on the first, and it rained and everything kind of got postponed so it didn’t happen until I was out of town, which was very unfortunate because I would have loved to go and it looked really amazing. But she really went all-out.”

However, this is not the first time Kendall has missed something related to Kylie’s daughter. Kendall, despite being Kylie’s blood sister, missed Stormi’s birth last year. Reports last month hinted that Kendall wasn’t there because of the bad blood between the two sisters despite the love they share on television.

As per a rumor first published by RadarOnline, Kendall and Kylie are jealous of each other’s success. Can it be that this was why Kendall skipped Stormi’s birthday? Or is this thought baseless? Kendall did mention that she was “upset” to have missed the party.

Previously, she has also been open about the lovely bond she shares with Stormi. “I find a very special connection with Stormi,” Kendall had told E! last year.

On Stormi’s birth date this year, Kendall posted a picture in which she can be seen with Stormi in her arms. “Sweet, tiny noodle! Your energy is powerful, I hope the world offers you nothing but beautiful things. I love you Stormeroo! Happy 1st birthday,” she wrote in the caption.