December 9, 2021

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UGreen Gravity Phone Support Test: Very practical, but not for everyone

The principle of support for this Ugreen “gravity” is very simple. The weight of the smartphone pushes the lower part of the support downwards, which has the effect of bringing both hands closer to each other located on either side of the mobile. All you have to do is slide it into the holder to hold the smartphone. Absolutely simple gesture, which is carried out with one hand and almost closed eyes. To remove the terminal from its position, lift it so that the arms move separately. Again, one hand is enough.

The arms and lower part are covered with small rubber parts that allow the smartphone to hold properly. Even on slightly congested roads, the phone is safe in its holder. The hands are pressed enough to hold the mobile, but not enough to trigger the volume or screen lock keys. Not all mobiles can accommodate with this support. The smartphone and its potential shell should not exceed 76 mm in width and 1.2 cm in thickness. So the diagonal is the limit that affects more than 6.5 inch screen smartphones. A Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Or something Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Without the security shell, this would not slip between the arms of Ukrainian support.

If it is very practical to insert and remove your phone from the Ukraine holder, it will still suffer from some drawbacks. First the hands should be folded back slightly in front of the smartphone screen. If you want to reach the edge element, it will be difficult to screen input. However, it does not cover the lower part of the virtual keyboard that normally appears, freeing up the area reserved for entering the address in the navigation application.

Another danger that some might encounter is that the design of the Ukrainian gravity support prohibits its use in terrain mode. In this sense, the clamping system does not work.
Finally, note that there is a small space on the platform that supports mobile to send the charger.

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