It is almost unbelievable how 2017 has blessed us with so many laughs when it comes to the latest trends. Every now and then there is a new “thing” in that is outrageously bewildering. Like how do these things even bring about such a wave of excitement? Despite being crazy stupid everyone talks about them. (Uh, we’re guilty too)

This time around, there is another new trend that that has occupied the fashion community, social media newsfeeds and also the space between you and everything around you in the form of gossip. The name is trainers, Ugly Trainers. Created first by the high-end couture house, Balenciaga, these trainers have been resurrected from the 90’s. These retro shoes are a blend of all things mismatch from materials to colors, meshed onto eachother.

It’s the shoes your dad wears, huge with a thick and chunky sole. No sense of colors whatsoever, these are what you call the shoes that inspire bullying. But since they are in vogue now, wearing them would make you into a hero rather than the victim of a bully. Surprisingly enough, the ugly shoes have also been approved by celebrities.

You know, there are basically three types of trends. Ono, those which spread like a flame that rises real high only to be extinguished. Under this type, fall the trends that Instagrammers and the Twitterati add fuel to, but in truth, they are too idiotic to actually even be considered. For instance, the weird brow trends and the weird with a cherry on top nose hair extensions trend.

Then there are those trends that come like visitors, parade around in town before they are ruthlessly kicked out. Small sunshades fall under this category. Thirdly, there are those trends that are here to stay. And shockingly, the ugly yet pretty trainers, as some call them, are an example. People are obsessed with them! Despite the blend of all things silly that they are along with being pricey, these shoes are selling rapidly.

What’s even more astonishing is that other top-end brands are also making their versions of this shoe. Balenciaga might not have been able to gain much more than attention with its Platform Crocs, but this time around it sure is a winner. Come to think of it, the brand has taken 2017 very seriously, with all the innovative pieces it is sprinkling on the world one right after another.

What’s even more in the favor of this shoe trend is that it goes perfectly with two other trends for the season. One of these being the wide cropped pants and the other being fashionable sweatpants. These shoes, the Triple S sneakers by Balenciaga, have lent inspiration to brands like ZARA, Gucci, Dior, Rebook as well though these names have kept their shoes on the subtler side. Prada, Nike, and many more are on the list too.

The ugly shoes do look comfy for winters, and despite the fact that they look like Lego cars attached to your feet, they actually have a bunch of merits. They offer balance so you can run and hike in them too. When the Spanish brand, Balenciaga, dropped its pair of these high rubber-soled shoes in September, fashion fanatics left mocking comments on social media.

“Why are people paying £500 for these new Balenciaga’s when you can find them in lost property at school for £0???,” commented one twitter user. But look at the shoes now; the trend is ruling, leading, and selling like sweet cakes. It is basically the must-have trend these days. Balenciaga sure took a bold step. Are you bold enough to step into these shoes?