If you are a sociopath who hates to make new friends, you won’t probably be able to relate to this post much. However, if you love making friends and have a bunch of them, you would have already realized that each friend of yours is different from the other. Each one has a different quality that sets him apart from others, and also makes him special. From my own experience of having a lot of friends, I have crafted a list of types of friends. I am sure you would be able to relate to it easily.

1. The ‘elder’ of the group:

This is the wisest most person in your group. He or she could be the same age as you but comes up with the best advice. This is the friend who comes to your mind whenever you land into any kind of trouble. And you would agree, this friend of yours gives the best pieces of advice EVER.

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2. The Fashionista:

Whenever she enters the room, people turn their heads to see her. She knows exactly which jeans would go with which shirt and how one should dress up for a particular event. From time to time, she keeps upgrading your sense of style as well.

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3. The one from a different culture:

Another kind of friend that you may surely have in your group is the one that belongs to a different culture. Now that friend may be from local or international culture, and you keep learning new values and beliefs from them every day.


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4. The friend with the funniest jokes

To help you in your distressed times, this friend comes in handy. This friend has the best jokes and one-liners, which surely change your mood instantly.

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5. The self-obsessed friend:

Wherever you go with him, you see him taking his own pictures all the time. While you are talking to him, he keeps coming up with his own issues and doesn’t really bother about yours.

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