Just when you thought the resentment had been buried. Tyga is back and he’s not in the mood to spare Kylie Jenner this time! In February, reports said that the rapper missed Jenner and drunk dialed her. Those feelings have definitely changed!

On Thursday, August 30, the platinum star appeared on Nicki Minja’s Queen Radio. There, he was asked if he missed Kylie Jenner, whose name was linked with his for three years starting 2014. Tyga replied by saying, “Nah, I’m good luv, enjoy!”

However, Tyga didn’t stop here. He roasted Kylie and claimed that he had made a huge contribution to the image she has today. “You need Black people to f*ck with you cause you need culture. I had a lot to do with all that,” said the 28-year-old. Well, that was bold.

It’s no secret that several people roast Jenner for appropriating Black culture and for copying the style of black women. Her sister, Kim Kardashian, is also accused of doing the same. Today, Kylie is worth a billion dollars. So, did Tyga mean to insinuate that he should be credited for her success?

Or was he just stating what other critics do? Despite igniting the fire against the 21-year-old model, Tyga didn’t have anything bad to say about her boyfriend and baby daddy, Travis Scott. “We ain’t got no beef. It’s his time right now,” said the rapper.

Tyga further added, “You gotta let it ride. I ain’t got no beef with him.” Currently, Tyga is back with another one of his ex-girlfriends, model Carla Howe. A source told MailOnline, “They’re back together but they argue a lot because he doesn’t like her going out. There have been jealousy issues.”

The insider further added, “They both receive a lot of attention from the opposite sex and she feels like they have to learn to adjust and trust each other more.” We’re wondering if Kylie will respond to Tyga’s diss and if yes, what will she say?