Don’t you just hate it when you soo want a dress immediately, but you can’t find anything you like available in your size? Like is that even supposed to happen at a time when the world is starting to accept that not all ladies can fit into the size-mold that fashion would want for them to? Something just as annoying happened; A teen tweeted on social media about how Nordstrom had just a handful of dresses for plus-size people. People are angry with Nordstrom and their reasons are valid.

This is what happened: An image of Nordstrom’s store in California which showed the dresses they had in normal sizes vs those they had in plus-size went viral on Twitter. When Sofia, the tweeter who shared this image, expressed her frustration on being greeted by just a handful of plus-size dresses though the rest of the store had hundreds of options for lasses who have an average waist size, her anger was felt by other users as well.

Now Nordstrom is being called out for having clothes for just a particular range of waist sizes. And considering that this is the very fashion retailer that had vocalized its thoughts about offering varying dress sizes, the news does come off as shocking.

All the 17-year-old, who went shopping at her local Nordstrom store at Brea, California, wanted was to find a dress for her homecoming, according to her interview with Yahoo! Style. The picture Sofia tweeted of the store’s lack of plus-size selection on October 29, was captioned, “it’s unfortunate that a big brand like Nordstrom’s plus size formal dress section is this small compared to ‘regular’ sizes.”

To this, Nordstrom replied after about 10 days, on November 9, “We’re sorry you’re disappointed. We’d like to help connect you with the store manager, can you let us know which location you visited?” It also further assured the teen saying, “Our in-store Manager at the Brea, CA location is aware of this matter. If you’d like to connect with her directly, please don’t hesitate to DM us with your best method of contact…”

However, another Twitter user piped in and wrote, “Yup! Don’t let @Nordstrom  fool you. All their stores are like that. #KingOfPrussiaMall    #Pennsylvania” Though in a reply to the same publication Nordstrom said, “We have varying levels of formalwear in plus sizes in our stores. We know there’s an opportunity to have a more robust plus-size formalwear selection in some of our stores.”

They further added, “It depends most on customer demand and time of year. We’re working on it!” We really do hope that the Nordstrom fills its stores with an equal number of plus-size dresses because a big store not having something for everyone is utterly disappointing.