Mini-Kim is as stylish as her mum – something we all know. The latest of North West’s beauty experiments? The 5-year-old rocked red lips at the Kar-Jen Christmas party on Monday.

She looked absolutely glamorous with a gorgeous red smile pasted on her cute face. But it seems that the internet has different opinions. Yep, Kim Kardashian is being slammed once again by women who think they know better about how to bring up young girls.

“Really Kim Nori is wearing red lipstick teaching her to be superficial from a young age,” wrote on person in the comments’ section on Instagram. Ugh, why do people do that, though? Do they not understand that North is the daughter of a famous business women who runs a reality TV show and the niece of a model? Surely her mum knows what she’s doing, and other people’s words are not needed.

Good thing several users on Twitter praised little Nori for her iconic look which comprised of a completely black outfit, a high ponytail, and that oh-so-pretty lipstick! The 38-year-old mother of three also mentioned that this lipstick, the bold red that North wore, was part of an upcoming KKW Beauty launch. Don’t know ‘bout you but we truly cannot wait.


“It just might be a new Classic Red Lip I have launch VERY soon,” typed Kim on Twitter. Kim also mentioned on the platform that North had picked her lip color herself. “She picked it though! It’s a special occasion!” wrote Kim. Kim has been open about letting North enjoy straight hair as well on special occasions, a few times a year.

So obviously the same rule applies to make up as well. Kanye West’s wife has also told the audience before that her little girl is obsessed with makeup and that she plays with it. Northie even wants to be a makeup artist when she grows up! And truly very few of us women are not obsessed with makeup since birth. So, let the child live, it was Christmas after all!


“You really don’t even need to defend it. We all had caboodles full of tinker bell makeup when we were 6,” wrote a user. This is not the first time Kim has had to defend her decision to let her eldest girl get girly. Previously, Kim has been slammed multiple times for letting North straighten her curls. People also accused the influencer of letting her daughter wear extensions when in truth North’s hair only looked longer because that’s what curls look like when straightened.

Recently, Kim’s little fashionista also had a modelling photoshoot with her mum in which she decided the poses herself! So let’s not roast the kid and her mum for their choices and let them live.