Trends are flimsy, fleeting creatures that only last for so long. When a trend rises to power, we, mostly, take a piece of our brain out, put it aside, and bow down. After a while when that piece grows back we realize that we’d been hypnotized by something so silly or so uncool for quite a long time. Unfortunately, most of us are slaves of fashion, and while we do have our own styles, what is in vogue usually just has to wave a wand to have us under control, following the crowd like mindless zombies. That said there are some trends that we’re proud are extinct.

If you’re cleaning your mess of a wardrobe, then be sure to toss these items out. Hopefully, you’ll not be needing them anytime sooner than a century. Even if you did like these trends, they’ve ruled for a good time now and it’s only better to let them slumber.


Remember how chokers got crazy hit back in 2015 and 2016? They were everywhere! In shops, on necks, for a moment it started to feel like we had all travelled back in time with the choker reigning our senses! Then some women came forward to explain the backstory and while that has not much to do with modern trends, some left the choker at that very moment. But it still thrived.

And when it was buried for good, it came out in chain form. Then it became a part of layering. It seemed like chokers would keep resurrecting themselves in countless forms but luckily, no more. Now they’re gone again, so you can throw them out and get back to normal.

Shrunken bags

The mini bag trend erupted last year, and it became super-popular. So much so that it brought some fellows along too! You see, first it was just handbags that had come out in a miniscule size that could hardly fit in your belongings. Then came out backpacks in such small sizes. Bucket bags in mini sizes followed and for a second there, cross-body bags and clutches lost their meaning.

Of course, the millennial generation was impressed with the trend that been birthed in their era rather than picked from the past. However, sooner rather than later, fans of the trend realized that it was not useful. And that friends, is how the craze for shrunken bags faded away.

Denim leggings

What was the point of denim leggings? I mean everyone rocked them, so don’t look at me like that if I did too, but seriously? Denim leggings were like the blend of the worst parts of jeans and the worst parts of leggings! Or, perhaps, it seems like that now, now that our hearts are full and we no more need that trend to govern us.

When they came out, roars of “all hail, denim leggings!” could be heard from every corner of the globe but now that loud noise has entirely vanished. This trend would probably not be returning, not in a few years, not even in decades.

All things unicorn

Last year, was the year of unicorns. And maybe we still are a bit affected by the trend deep down but not enough to repeat it all over again in twenty-eighteen. From hair colors to makeup products and just about every single thing, had a touch of unicorn. While glitter traveled into this year as well, unicorn-y stuff, is just so 2017. So festive hair this season has been nothing about unicorns.

The unicorn vibe has vanished because really, those mythical creatures appear only once in a while. If you hated this trend, good for you, you can get rid of it. If you loved it, well then, we believe it will soon be making rounds again. But for now, let’s wave unicorns goodbye.


Corsets and all belts that fell into that range were a nightmare that had managed to break free from the chains of the past! Glad, that this trend has been murdered and the remains have been thrown back where they came from. The corset trend, like the chokers, was one that came with an intensity. Everyone sported the trend, including the Kardashians.

Luckily, people understood that corset belts are an unhealthy obsession that better be left behind. We’ve not spotted this trend or a cousin of it on the runways for this year. Neither are any celebrities rocking it anymore. Phew, looks like its gone for good.

Statement tees

T-shirts reading awful sentences are dead. 2018 is the year of the logo mania craze so naturally, the masses want shirts reading “Balenciaga” or “Fila” not “My Dad Is Better Than Yours.” The silly tee fad was pretty strong last year. It still ranks low on the that-trend-was-too-bad scale but still, it’s good to know that people are no more bound by the fashion industry to wear these shirts.

That said, there are quite a few trends from the past year/s that have made their way into the grave. Pom poms, mom jeans, socks with holes, all of these trends are now gone. If you fear they’ll come back to haunt you, just store ‘em in the back of your armoire. This year is more about athleisure, style, and comfort. Looks like we’re finally getting more practical with fashion. Hopefully, eyebrow trends will also stop rolling in now.