If Jennifer Lopez is doing it, it must be right. Right? The On the Floor songstress was seen on July 31, trotting down the streets of New York city wearing the most unique boots ever. J-Lo’s new boots were all denim and reached above her thighs. The designer behind this eye-catchy pair was none other than Donatella Versace.

These blue denim shoes didn’t only feature pointed toe boxes and a stiletto heel, but they also had pockets and a black belt literally running through the denim loops given at the top of each pair. Wow, they did quite literally look like a pair of jeans sitting a bit too low. Of course, these denim jeans did raise eyebrows and had fans talking.

Twitter has been abuzz with the discussion of Jennifer Lopez’s latest look since the Monster-in-Law actress has been seen rocking the pair. Some people even missed the fact that these were boots just in denim and with intricate details resembling those of a pair of jeans. To them, it just seemed like Lopez’s jeans fell down!





One person wrote on Twitter, “Thought those were pants that stop at the knee.” Another user has given these new shoes a name, calling them Joots (Jeans + Boots). Now that’s creative! J-Lo paired these boots of hers with a loose white button-down shirt that served as a dress. She accessorized with hoop earrings, bracelets in both hands, and a necklace reading her name in all caps.

The fashionista also carried a black handbag in one hand, while the other held a pink envelope. Huge sunshades covered Lopez’s eyes and her hair was combed back into a bun. She rocked her signature nude makeup and well, looked stunning as always. We don’t know about others, but we’re definitely jotting down style notes.