Fashionistas are nothing short of pleased with this year’s autumn-winter trends. There’s just so much eye candy! The best part is that there isn’t just one single trend that has barged in with all its might and knocked all other styles off the stage. Instead, there is variety.

For instance, the miniature crossbody bag is readily sharing the podium with handbags bigger than life. The kitten heel trend stands triumphant but in a tie with bootie shoes. The fashion community has their lips stretched into smiles with all this magical diversity that gives one the chance to choose. You don’t have to just jump that one fashion vehicle that is leading the race.

From frills and furs to tights and plaid shirts, here’s a rundown of all things voguish for the current and upcoming season:

Color crush

Red is definitely autumn’s go-to color with blue following closely behind. The bold, bright, and beautiful color conveys the glitz and glam vibes perfectly. From Givenchy to Fendi, a basket full of brands and designers have embraced this popping hue. Not just one piece but a head to toe red look occupied ramps this year.

Next, comes blue. This color has also taken over fashion fanatics with all its glory. This autumn and winter we wouldn’t be surprised to notice people dressed in either red or blue. Oh, and about color combos? From the looks of it, tonal dressing is in.

So next time you pair your outfit and accessories, make sure all the colors go with one another. Pro example: lilac, purple and lavender.

Check mate

Check print has surely won the hearts of designers; a horde of them has played around with this pattern. Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Chloe, Chanel, Gucci, LV the list goes on and on.

From coats to suits, the check has taken over the fashion town unabashedly. While some brands are giving it a vintage appeal, others are sticking to the modish and minimal style.

Sprinkle of shine

Who doesn’t love sparkly stuff? Luckily, sequins, crystals, pearls, diamantes, etc. are all in style.

This year dresses embellished with glittery bits are a la mode. Be it a gown for an evening event or a mini dress for partying till late in the night, luminous is the new sing-song of outfits. Metallic foil touches in a minimalistic manner or in huge patches, in form of purses or boots is all we’ve seen lately. “Stand out” is the latest mantra.

Feather and fur

Alexander McQueen, Prada, Balenciaga; all of them have had models walking down runways sporting furry, fluffy, and feathery outfits. The looks are undoubtedly luxurious.

Combined with patterns, fluttering around the edges of skirts and adorning coats, fur and feathers make fashion fun. The choice is ultimately yours; wear it in the vintage style, in huge quantities or keep it subtle.


Printed tights are totally lovely but guess what is way lovelier and more feminine? Fishnet leggings. We’ve seen them all over fashion shows. Instagram feeds are also filled to the brim with images of women sporting this classy style. There is no denying that this stocking trend is here to last. Phillip Lim and Jason Wu are two of the many designers who have displayed the look.

Slogan Tees

The fashion world’s new obsession is slogan tees. A few words of wisdom displayed on a shirt are sure to gain appreciation. There is more than style to this trend; it’s about delivering a message.

Graphic t-shirts have spread vastly, you’d have noticed celebs wearing slogan tees on FB, Insta, Snapchat, and Twitter. Versace and Jason Wu are among those names responsible for fueling this passion.