Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott had Stormi almost in secrecy. While there were several rumors spiraling regarding this, no one could say anything with certainty. The 20-year-old made sure that whatever word did make its way out was snuffed like the flame of a candle. She went off-radar and whatever pictures of hers showing her bump were snapped, she said that they were entirely fake.

Amid all this, pictures of her pink and silky baby shower came out following elder sister Kim Kardashian’s baby shower. That was when people started to take the rumors for truth. While fans had a clear idea that Kylie was having her baby with Travis Scott, there were also furphies that said that the model and her American rapper boyfriend were on the verge of breaking up.

But as Kylie revealed that cute documentary of her pregnancy, all those reports were proven to be false. The loving bond between the couple was obvious. However, apart from a lot of glimpses of the 25-year-old musician in the video and his short tweet, fans didn’t hear much from his end about their newly welcomed baby girl.

That is, until now. Paparazzi caught up to Travis Scott when he was heading out of a club in Los Angeles. When TMZ asked him how his daughter was, the usually quiet rapper responded with a short reply. “She’s beautiful,” he said. Recently the parents spent a date night together and even got matching tattoos.

Accordingly, a source close to them told The Sun, “It was actually the first time they’ve been out on a date night since Kylie had Stormi.” This insider also revealed that the couple got matching tattoos to honor their baby girl’s birth. However, we have no idea what they got inked. “They haven’t told people what they got. Kylie organised it as a surprise and Travis loved it,” said the source.