January 17, 2022

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“Tramisu” manifests itself in many leaks

Android 12 is now at the center of apps, but Google Groups is already working on the next version.

As Android 12 expands into compatible devices, the teams behind the now little green robot are already working on the next update of the OS. A direct competitor to iOS, Which equips most of the smartphones on the planet, is preparing its latest update, and the spoiler, which will have the taste of a Tromisu back.

In fact, the popular Italian dessert will be the code name for the update created on the teams side of the green robot. According to the first screenshots released on the internet, we can already see the new features expected from Android. According to the first information we have, the new update may have a new feature called “Balingual”.

New features

The latter should allow multilingual users to provide a specific language for each application. A small option may seem insignificant, but it is a testament to the power of Android’s customization capabilities, which we have already appreciated. Compared to our Android vs iOS.

Other information we know at this time may be provided by a new feature called “TARE” by the Google teams working on the update. The latter, the abstract Android Resource Economy, Allocate a certain amount of energy and type of credit to each utility to protect the battery.

Deep changes are not expected

As for the scenario, if the changes shouldn’t be too much, they are still visible. According to all sorts of rumors surrounding this future update, Android 12 will already be on the verge of delivering an activation in a possible hour. Uniqueness of Android 13 So the user should have this kind of view even when receiving notifications.

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Rumors are currently focusing on these innovations, while talking about other “attractive” options here and there. While the update is still being considered by Google, the Tiramisu version may be released within the next year, but may not have the new features mentioned above.