People who think diamonds are the girls’ only best friend are wrong! Girls surely have another best friend that is much more near and dear to them and that is a perfect pair of shoes that they fell in love with right after setting their eyes on it for the first time. A girl’s affection for the shoes can only be understood by her!


Even when you look at the best red carpet appearances of all times, you would know
that women always extra efforts on wearing breathtaking shoes that will remain on the front pages of the gossip newspapers for a long time. A normal girl is just like a celebrity in terms of her likes and dislikes as she loves shoes as much as a celebrity does. Having said that, a normal girl cannot afford to buy the shoes offered by the most expensive brands in the world. However, if you love shoes and cant refrain buying a new pair every time you go out, you need to know the best shoe brands every girl loves to have in her wardrobe

1) Jimmy Choo:
Jimmy Choo is that one brand of shoes that not only provides style but also the best kind of luxury to the girls who own them. These shoes are comfortable to the core even having really high heels and loads of shimmer. The designs of this brands are exclusive and once you buy a pair of shoe from this brand, you surely won’t want to go for any other brand ever in your life!

2) Christian Louboutin :
Christian Louboutin is one of the most famous brands when it comes to talking about the shoes loved by women. The wide range of shoes offered by the brand are breathtakingly beautiful and stunning. Having even a single pair of Christian Louboutin shoes brings utmost amount of glamour in a girl’s wardrobe.

3) Alexander Wang:
If you are a lover of high heels, you need to explore the wide range of high heel shoes available at Alexander Wang. This brand has been famous for its amazing rang of high heel shoes since the time they came in the access of shoe lovers. The shoes are exclusive and are tremendously comfy to carry.

4) Sophia Webster:
If you can’t afford the shoes belonging to expensive brands, you can go for the Sophia Webster that is not only quite affordable for normal people but also have exquisite designs. If you love high heels and are sucker of amazing shoe designs, you need to go for Sophia Webster.

5) River Island:
For years River Island has been a constant on the fashion runways that proves its importance to a girl obsessed with latest trends. Finding original River Island shoes might be a little difficult but you can always avail the option of buying it online through its official website!


Being an obsessive fan of shoes and having a shoe fetish, we can understand that its completely normal to not being able to resist from buying a new show every month. However, when it comes to choosing between the two, always choose quality over quantity!