Buying shoes and clothes for a kid is more difficult than buying them for a grown-up. This is because parents always want their kids to look trendy and stand apart from the crowd. However, at the same time, they make sure not to buy something that will be difficult for the kid to walk in. Going for shoes that are good looking but are really uncomfortable when it comes to walking or running in them might make the life of a kid miserable. Therefore, you need to keep in mind both the factors of looks as well as comfort while buying shoes for the kid.

When buying new shoes for your kid, you can go for the following five brands that are the best when it comes to kids shoes.

1) Robeez

If your kid is in the process of learning how to walk, you need to be really careful when it comes to choosing the first pair of shoes for your kid. Do not fancy the looks of the shoe over the comfort level no matter how much the design tempts you. In such situation, you need to go for the Robeez as this brand has been accepted by the health departments as the best shoes to be worn in order to provide the best gait to the kid learning to walk.

2) Momobaby

Momobaby are considered to be one of the best shoes that can be bought for the kids learning how to walk. The shoes from this brand come up with both rubber as well as the best leather quality. This brand of shoes has the APMA seal certificate making it the best shoes to be worn by kids.

3) Jemos Footwear

It is necessary to make sure that the shoes you buy for your kid are not only eco friendly but are also free of any kinds of toxins. There is a possibility that a number of times, you might get attracted towards the shoe design but it might be made up of bad leather quality. By the ones provided by Jemos Footwear and you will be blessed with the most amazing shoes.

4) Pediped

A kid needs to have those shoes to wear that will help him in adjusting with the continuous growth of his feet. For a growing kid, you should buy the shoes from Pediped brand as they will help your kid in learning how to walk.

5) Stride Rite

The shoes provided by Stride Rite are flexible and make it quite easy for the kid to walk properly when he is learning how to do that.

Choosing the right shoe for your kid is one of the most important duties that the parents have. While buying a kid’s shoes, parents need to make sure that the shoes are not only stylish but at the same time, they are comfortable as well. If you really want your kid to stay active and playful at all times, you need to ensure the shoes you have chosen for him are extremely comfortable while walking.