The thrill of being in the pool and breathing deeply when diving head first into the water is an unmatched one. Swimming is not only a popular sport in America but also an incredible aerobic exercise that comes with several health benefits. Regardless of how challenging it may seem to a non-swimmer, paddling in the water is considered safe for even injured or arthritic individuals. There are several techniques when it comes to swimming, each one beneficial for health and fitness.

Wondering what good swimming does for your body? let’s dive into the top 5 health benefits offered by swimming:

1 – Swimming gives your whole body a workout

When you swim you don’t just move your arms and legs but your torso as well. This means that each part of your body is part of the movement which, in turn, translates to overall muscle strengthening. Swimming also increase your endurance. You see, working out in the water is more difficult than doing so on land. Therefore, 30 minutes of swimming are equivalent to 45 minutes of another non-water-based activity.

2 – It burns excess calories and supports weight loss

Since swimming is a full-body workout, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it can help you lose those excess pounds. The movement in swimming tones your muscles and makes you fitter overall. This pool activity also encourages calorie burning. However, the number of calories you can manage to burn with swimming depends on how vigorously you swim and your weight.

3 – It boosts mental wellbeing

Swimming also benefits your brain health. The aerobic exercise increases blood flow to your brain and improves your overall cognitive functionality. Swimming can also relieve you of stress and anxiety because it redirects your brain and also releases endorphins which induce happy feelings. This same benefit of swimming also enables it to improve your mood and make you more confident. So, if you want to relax, you know where to head.

4 – It improves cardiovascular health

Since so many muscles are used in swimming, your cardiorespiratory system works harder to provide oxygen to all parts of the body. This translates to your cardiovascular system getting a good workout. Previous studies show that swimming can help lower high blood pressure levels as well as maintain blood sugar markers.

5 – It allows for better sleep quality

Considering the many vices of sleep deprivation, taking swimming as a measure to combat it is a good idea. Swimming can improve your sleep quality as shown by research. A study reveals that swimming can be a great tool for insomniacs who want to sleep better. However, swimming right before heading to bed may cause more harm to your sleep than good since your body will be awake and your brain will be more aware.

To sum up, swimming comes with a number of health benefits. It can improve your brain, heart, and lungs’ health. It can also tone and strengthen your muscles and improve your sleep. The best part is that the aerobic exercise can be followed by pregnant women and injured individuals as well.