The summer breeze is already in and the sun’s proudly beaming over us – we hope you’ve already upgraded your handbag collection with the latest and trendiest pieces. However, if you’re behind in the trend race, don’t fret, we’ve got your back. To help you ace in the fashion department, here are the top 10 handbag trends of summer 2019:

1 – Kiss-lock closure bags

From Simone Rocha to Elie Saab, we’ve seen a lot of designers bring this trend forth. Kiss-lock pouches, handbags, and clutches may remind you of olden days but they’re back in vogue. This style is perfect for fancy dates and events and looks gorgeous when you rock it with glamorous outfits.

The kiss-lock closure mechanism is coming more with small to medium sized bags. If you’re looking for an affordable and cutesy option, check out Coach. This fashion house has some pretty eye-catchy kiss-lock pieces in store.

2 – Mini bags

Remember how in 2017 the shrunken bag trend had come out of a new land and taken over all territories? Well, while shrunken bags took the backseat last year, now they are wholly back in town, coming in many varying styles including boxed bags, mini bucket bags, and more.

The only difference is that the micro bag trend this year has shrunken the size of bags even further. Think the small handbags that Kylie Jenner has been rocking since the beginning of this year. Designers like Thom Browne and Jil Sander have approved this trend totally.

3 – Single handle handbags

We’ve seen handbags with two handles for carrying all our lives. Now the fashion industry has something fresh – single handle handbags. The looped handle ensures that the bag doesn’t lose balance along with looking trendy.

Designers Dion Lee and Marc Jacobs have presented their versions of bags with single looped handles. Typically, this style comes in smaller sizes though shapes vary. Moreover, you’ll also notice another feature of single handle bags – they have a structured built.

4 – Baby duffle bags

Duffle bags remind us of adventures and these in vogue ones are all we can think about. They are cool, feisty, and oh-so-fashionable. You can fetch a look of these from the runways of Calvin Klein and Coach as well as Balmain.

Baby duffel bags come in a number of styles – you can find styles with chains, single handles, and even printed skins. Rock a baby duffel bag when hanging out casually with your pals whether in the country or when roaming around in a foreign town.

5 – Shrunken PVC bags

The trend of transparent bags and shoes came into existence last year. However, the end of 2018 was not able to bury this trend and so, it reigns on till today. Though, there is a twist – PVC bags are now coming in the smaller sizes.

Fendi has introduced its version of transparent bags in varying shapes and sizes. However, know that larger PVC bags are also on-trend these days. Moschino, Armani, and Versace have brought forward their big transparent bag iterations.

6 – Printed clothe totes

Another trend in the handbag department that has been spotted on runways is that of print-heavy fabric tote bags. Floral prints are especially in since they represent the seasons of spring and summer. However, other prints such as polka dots and funky ones can also be found on trend stages.

The thing about totes is that they are your perfect partners on days when you’re in a rush. Going to buy groceries, heading to the beach with pals, sudden plan to go shopping? Take a steezy printed tote bag along and see the heads turn!

7 – Crocheted bags

Last summer as well we saw crocheted bags wiggling their way in the style zone. This year, they have fully taken over with names like Monse, Chanel, and Karl Lagerfeld showing off their own silhouettes of the trend on their catwalk.

From crocheted totes to crocheted backpacks, some with fringes, others in combination with a leather border and handle, varying styles are on shelves. Some even with chains proving that this bag trend in coming in many different forms, all equally pretty and summer-ready.

8 – Bags with multiple compartments

Looks like this is the year designers are finally pairing fashion with functionality with the new-in multiple compartments trend. Fendi as well as Coach have some pretty pieces that aren’t anything like your typical sectioned bag.

The thing about having more compartments in one bag is that they enable you to keep all your essentials organized. You can also keep smaller items handy and not have to worry about losing anything in a self-created mess.

9 – Wrist bags

You must have heard about the belt bag trend which was practically fanny packs making a comeback. Those are still in trend and now something new has also made its way to fashion shows. We’re talking about wrist bags.

These are tied on the wrist with a belt. Brands like Loewe and Off-White has given a glimpse of this trend on their runways. They’re perfect for people who don’t have much to carry along when heading for a drive, to the gym or another short distance destination.

10 – Glass bags

If PVC can be made into bags then why not glass? Give your overall look a Cinderella vibe with glass bags. The look is snazzy and futuristic. And no, not all designer glass bags are just plain glass boxes even though those look pretty classy too.

Chicer versions with floral decorations, pouches inside and more are also available. Brands like Balmain and Brandon Maxwell have brought this trend to the catwalk. A glass bag would beautifully complement your all glammed up look for parties and grand gatherings.

This wraps up our list of the trendiest bag styles this season. Which of these elegant and wild styles did you like the best?