Ask your parents about their favorite blogger and we can bet that most of them will have no idea of what you actually are talking about and if they do, their idea of blogging would be way different of what it is now.

It has been decades since blogging came into being. However, now it’s a full-fledged trend. Like any famous movie star, there are various social media personalities and influencers who are impacting our lives through their blogging site and Instagram.

These same bloggers are participating with famous companies. Basically, now a successful blogger could have more power than a TVC. In this situation, where you can find bloggers in your feed quite easily it’s difficult to come across some real content, which is worth discovering.

But worry no more. We’ve have your back, here is a list of 10 bloggers who are actually good content creators and are worth your follow:

  1. Caro Daur (@carodaur)

From bathing suits to a dress this German blogger knows what she is doing when it comes to fashion. With her unique style, she is flaunting all her spark to her 1.6 M followers.

  1. Margaret Zhang (@margaret_zhang)

What do you call someone who is super talented with her content and holds a law degree? You call her Margaret! This girl here has everything on her blog from food to fashion. Her photography skills can woo anyone.

  1. Pernille Teisbaek (@pernilleteisbaek)

Another blogger on our list is from Denmark. She is a stylist who knows how to flaunt a perfect casual look. She pairs the brands so naturally that one can only fall for the styles she creates, sheer sleekness and full of perfection.

  1. Helena Bordon (@helenabordon)

Helena is one of those bloggers who has been in fashion from quite a young age but this talented girl ended up as an intern in a brand called Valentino. Her feed shows a combination of classy and chic styles.

  1. Lorna Luxe (@lornaluxe)

It would be completely fair if we call Lorna a trendsetter. She carries everything naturally and with full perfection. Be it street style, a date night or anything whatsoever, this girl knows how to pull a look effortlessly.

  1. Fleur De Force (@fleurdeforce)

This mummy on board is all about lifestyle and fashion. Being a YouTuber and a blogger, she shares amazing beauty tips along with super classy and trendy looks. Her blog is a must to follow, not to forget the dose of cuteness which is her little one.

  1. Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson (@abeautifulmess)

This blog is not a one-man show but a brainchild of two talented sisters who took over lifestyle blogging with their uniqueness and love for the craft. Their feed is full of vibrant colors and quite beautiful ideas on decorating your home.

  1. Ryan Clark (@highfashionmen)

The list would have never been complete without mentioning a male blogger and here’s Ryan for you. His feed is must to follow if you are a guy, then he’s the one to follow as this fashion blogger knows the right way for men fashion and being a GQ ambassador he is the real player!

  1. Athena Calderon (@eyeswoon)

Like the name of her blog her feed can actually make your eyes swoon. Athena took blogging far away from fashion and trends. This talented woman tells you all about food, interior, and living in general. You can check her blog for some amazing tips!

  1. Micah Gianneli (@micahgianneli)

This fashion blogger is an epitome of exquisiteness and class with the way she portrays her street style and her formal looks. Be it a t-shirt and jeans or a red dress, Micah knows how to make everything look beautiful. Follow her for some serious fashion inspiration.

There are hundreds of fashions and lifestyle bloggers but these are the few who are definitely worth appreciating.