Spiderman: Far from Home hit cinemas about a fortnight back and has been collecting more and more viewers. However, Tom Holland’s hit movie cannot distract his fans from the investigation of whom he is dating.

The young star who is known for spilling set spoilers was caught by the cameras with a mystery blonde on Sunday. The pair was attending the music festival in Hyde Park, London. TMZ has revealed exclusive pictures of the girl who he was seen getting close to.

This new chic had a cool girl vibe about her as she accompanied the 23-year-old actor with two disposable cups in her hand of what seems to be water. Meanwhile the star in the limelight himself had beer cups in both his fists, definitely enjoying a good time with his new girl with whom who was matching outfits too.

Both the mystery girl and Holland wore black tees with half sleeves and slim fit jeans. Silver chains dangled on the necks of both the lovebirds. Though real-life Spidey’s lady love wore her hair loose, he was seen in a black hat.

Tom Holland didn’t have a goofy smile plastered on his face as he typically does. Instead he was wearing a play-boy expression that we don’t normally see on him. In a picture, his new potential love interest can be seen patting his booty too with a grin on her face.

This clearly indicates that Holland was not just out with a friend. Apart from this, the couple was also seen with their arms around one another, getting all touchy-touchy. At a point, Tom Holland and this blonde also were clicked hand in hand!

Most recently the actor has been linked to his co-star Zendaya. However, these two insist that they are not more than friends despite all the news surrounding them.