June 28, 2022

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To cross France at once in a 1000 km autonomous electric car

Gotion High-Tech (Guoxuan), a Chinese manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries and a partner of the Volkswagen manufacturer, has recently announced the availability of a semi-solid battery with a capacity of 160 kWh. Enough to allow electric vehicles to travel up to 1,000 km.

We have been talking about solid batteries for many years. This technology is not yet ready – According to Nissan, this should not be before 2028 – But the rise Electric cars Encourages manufacturers to find solutions to give more autonomy to vehicles. This is where the semi-solid batteries come in.

One between semi-solid batteries Conventional lithium ion battery And future solid battery. Manufacturers of semi-solid batteries keep their production secrets well, but the US company 24M (supported by the US government) lets us know more.

By their design, Semi-solid batteries are closer to conventional batteries than their solid batteries. Therefore, the electrolyte is still liquid (not as solid as in a solid battery), but no longer uses a binder and the various ingredients that make it up are mixed before production.

This makes it possible to obtain a kind of clay, less liquid than a traditional lithium-ion battery. This, according to 24M, will allow to provide thicker electrodes for batteries with better power density and more affordable price. The US company claims to reduce costs by about 50% compared to regular batteries.

160 kWh batteries in sedans for 2023

Also it is precisely a semi-solid NCM battery which was recently released by Chinese Goshen Hi-Tech. Thanks to the power density of 360 Wh / kg, the company represents the possibility of installing a 160 kWh pack in a sedan. Compared to 108 kWh Mercedes EQS. Nearly 1,000 km is sufficient to provide full electric autonomy. This battery will be available to car manufacturers from this year.

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Battery - 24 m

The company also has a working prototype of a semi-solid battery with a power density of 400 Wh / kg. This makes it possible to supply batteries with a capacity of more than 160 kWh at the same size and weight. If the Hummer EV offers a 200 kWh battery, it’s actually by fitting two packs on top of each other.

Neo ET5 and ET7 at shortcuts

This is good news for the automotive industry as a whole, especially for Volkswagen, the German manufacturer that is a majority shareholder in Quaxuan. So these batteries can be found in future models of Volkswagen electric cars.. But Neo was the first manufacturer to offer a car with a semi-solid-state battery.

The Chinese company to which we are indebted ET5 And ET7, Both models are expected to be launched by the end of this year in a long-distance version with a semi-solid battery with a capacity of 150 kWh. Compare with a 100 kWh battery Tesla Model S Poster. But do we have Does the electric car need this much distance? The question is posed and reasonable.

Elon Musk said 644km is the current maximum for electric cars if recharged once. If he says that the vehicle can be manufactured within a range of about 1000 km,
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