Did you just think that moisture is only concerned with your skin? Nope. When science claims that the body is two-thirds water, it doesn’t just limit the water content to your skin, instead, it talks about the entire body including your hair. So the equation goes that a lack of moisture equals to dry and brittle hair.

There can be several reasons for the lack of moisture such as excessive use of shampoos that strip the essential oils from your scalp, excess sun exposure, dry damage due to coloring, and use of heat on your hair for daily styling. Of course, healthy hair adds to the definition of your style statement so to ensure that the picture remains like that, here are some ways to save hair from dry damage.

Take A Break, Have A Kit-Kat

Technically, you can always have a kit-kat while your hair takes a much-needed break from hot styling and coloring. Dial down the use of colors, they are trendy and difficult to control but just tame those hands from committing more murders on your head. Dying your hair on a regular note can make them brittle, whereas, excessive styling can burn them to death. You can only imagine the poor hair being heat punished to maintain a straight outlook or being commanded to curl up into a bouncy wave with straighteners and blow dryers respectively. While you can’t possibly live without styling your hair but you can always give your hair a break from all the cruelty so that they can take a breath and save themselves from dry damage.

Combing With Care

There is no need to hurry when it comes to combing your hair. Proteins that make hair might be dead but hair are alive and deserve respect. So you need to comb gently instead of falling into an aggressive war with them even when your hair is tangled big time. Just be a bit gentle, the poor guys deserve it. Also, do not comb your hair immediately after a shower. This increases hair breakage and amps-up the chances of split ends in hair. As an alternative, use your fingers to lightly untangle your hair and comb them properly once they are dry.

Alternate Showers

Keep those everyday showers under control. The everyday exposure of the hair to chemicals in the shampoo can make them irritable. At the same time, those chemicals can strip the essential oils from your scalp leaving your hair dry. Instead, wash your hair every alternate day instead of daily washing unless your hair is extremely oily. A bonus point is to keep at bay shampoos that contain alcohol or alkali.

Condition Your Hair For Moisture

Another trick to treat dry hair is to use a good quality conditioner. Get a good leave-in conditioner for your hair. Apply on each strand of your hair and leave it on. Wrap the hair in a warm towel while your hair is soaked and treated with the conditioner. Rinse only after the lapse of minimum 20 minutes.

Avoid Hair-Drying Criminals

Not only do you need to avoid extreme sun exposure to protect your hair from becoming brittle but you also need to maintain a safe distance from two ingredients in your hair products that ruin the hair texture. These are alcohol and silicones. Alcohol dehydrates your hair. At the same time, “Silicones can create a barrier on the hair that basically suffocates strands, not allowing hair to absorb moisture” as explained by a stylist at Frederic Fekkai Palm Beach, Jonathan De Paca. Therefore, make sure to select alcohol and sulfate-free shampoos when you shop your toiletries.