‘Drink more water’ is the skincare mantra that never gets old. People have us wondering how water alone can be the secret of their beauty but it sure is. When it comes to implementing this secret in your life, the confusion only doubles. Because you just can’t carry a water cooler with yourself everywhere you go. So what now? Fret not, there is always a solution for adding more water content to your diet. Here are a few ways to follow.

Track Your Water Consumption

2 Glasses of Water in the morning is a nice way to keep dehydration away. The habit of drinking two glasses of water first thing in the morning helps energize you and also wakes you up. For ensuring that you drink a substantial amount of water throughout the day, get a 750 ml water bottle and aim to refill it for minimum four times in a day, in this way you will be able to track the amount of water you have consumed.

Welcome Variety

There is no denying that plain water can be boring. On the bright side though, healthy add-ins include variety and break the monotony of the plain taste. Adding a few drops of lime, lemon or orange can incorporate vitamin C to your daily drink and make it not only healthful for skin cell enhancing but also appeases your taste buds. You can also drop a few berries with their antioxidant bursts or cucumber slices for a difference. Herbs such as mint or basil can also treat your tongue with a refreshing touch to the water. Hydration combinations such as blueberry-lemon-mint water and basil-cucumber-basil-lime water are also tasty twists to your ordinary water hydration.

Don’t Forget Salt

Your deed is not done until you ensure that water intake is accompanied by salt intake. This is because salt and water tend to pair up to make sure the adequate use of water in the body. Without salt, all the effort goes done the drain, as the gallons of water are simply flushed out. This also removes the essential electrolytes and minerals from the body, bringing you to point zero. What you need to do is include the recommended ¼ teaspoon of sea salt in every 4-5 glasses of water. A tip to include sea salt is putting the recommended amount on your tongue in the morning and let it dissolve. Follow this by sipping your water, it is a pretty hydrating move.

Amp Up Your Fluid Intake 

Lots of water comes from other regular drinks that we consume too. Ellie Krieger, New York Times bestselling author and registered dietician shares a thing about this. She says, “Actually, about 20-25% of the liquid we consume comes from food… If you can increase the amount of fluid you get from food, it will help hydrate you from the inside out.” Adding juicing is a wonderful way to include more water. Paula Simpson, Nutricosmetics Expert and Beauty Nutritionist suggests a combination of kale, cucumber, dandelion, and apple. She advices, “Dandelion energizes the body, balances the body’s pH system and the amount of cellular water in the body. When we take in too much salt from our diets, the sodium can cause the cells to swell. Dandelion (and celery, actually) acts as a natural diuretic for the cells, helping them balance out their water content.”

Binge On Water-rich Food

A good source of water is food that is high in water content. Your chart of hydration should be packed with fruits and vegetables such as melons, grapes, and peaches. Among vegetables tomatoes and cucumbers are incredible water sources. Ellie Krieger also adds, “Yogurt and milk are also really rich in water. Yogurt is actually just protein suspended in liquid, so it’s a great way to add more water to your diet. Making smoothies with water-rich berries also counts.”