Lets put this straight: We live in a sexist world.

No matter we, as women, acknowledge this or not, we are really in contact with, and tolerate, a lot of sexist remarks on our daily basis.

If you think that this was limited to you and me only, you are wrong!

Even celebrities have to deal with some of the most obnoxiously sexist remarks.

Well, there are some really incredible women who have shut down such remarks in the most incredible manner EVER!

Anne Hathaway


Now it was really weird when an interviewer asked Anne about how she was able to fit into her cat-woman attire during the shooting of the movie.

He asked her regarding the form-fitting.

To answer that, she came up with the most sarcastic reply ever.

She asked him if he was trying to lose weight, cause otherwise, this question doesn’t make any sense.

QUEEN, I must say

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Scarlett Johansson


It funny that the same interviewer who has asked this obnoxious question from Anne, repeated his mistake with Scarlette Johansson.

He asked her if she wore any underwear beneath her Black widow costume.

Now, that’s some audacity I must say.

Scarlett Johansson said that the question is really weird as since when people have started asking about others’ undergarments?

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 Sania Mirza:


When in an interview Sania Mirza was asked when she is going to get settled, she was quite taken aback by the question. She said that it’s funny as no matter how many number one positions women achieve, they are never considered settled till the time they do not make a baby.

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 Vidya Balan

When Vidya was asked if she was considering to lose some weight, she asked the interviewer if he was considering changing his perception of heroines or not!!!!

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