Celebrities all over the World are adored for their craft. A sportsman, an actor, a painter, a singer, they all are known for their skills and how they polish them.

However, then there come times when this same celebrities go a step ahead and help out the needy. This is when they actually prove that they are worthy of all the love and support that they get.


Here are all the times when the fans fell in love with their favourite celebrities even more, merely because of an act of kindness that they displayed.

Mark Rutte, the Dutch Prime Minister mopped the coffee spilled by him in the Parliament.

Narendra Raval, a steel billionaire from Kenya, was made the Chancellor of a University. The billionaire donated all of his salary as well as financial benefits to help out the poor students. With that money, he paid off their University dues. 

Guru: A Long Walk to Success by Narendra Raval with Kailash Mota | NRI Pulse


Sonu Sood, an Indian actor, during the times of Corona, came forward as a blessing for the poor workers. He aided the migrant workers during the lockdown. Those who were stuck far away from their homes and couldn’t go back to their houses, he arranged special transport for them. 


On the arrival of Syrian Refugees at the Canadian Airport, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau personally received them. He also handed them warm winter coats.

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All the employees of Tata industries saw how great their employer/boss really is after the 26/11 bombings. Ratan Tata made sure to visit the families of all the 80 employees of his company who died or were injured during these bombings.

Images: 26/11, Those Three Days - Rediff.com News