Did you know that there is a new trend in town that is insanely hot and innocent-ish at the same time? Cool celebs Gigi Hadid and Salena Gomez have fueled this new eyeliner technique that frees you from the chains of the cat-eye look that is just so ridiculously tricky to master. Well, we had all actually gotten around to finally evenly sketch that look but oh, well.

This new trend is called “Thumbprint Eyeliner” as Refinery29 put it. Wait, are you imagining it like thumbing some liner and smudging it onto your eyelids? Because that is not how it works. You should be knowing by now that when it comes to makeup it’s never as simple.

But luckily, the thumbprint eyeliner is a lot less demanding than the angled and sharp liner that we’ve gotten used to. It’s comparatively easier to pull off thanks to the fact that it doesn’t have to be perfectly balanced on the lids. In fact, a small difference is encouraged. It’s on the softer side, extended past the lids just a bit and somewhat rounded. Unlike the cat-eye look that gave off edgy and dominating lady vibes, this one gives a rather chic but effortless look.

It all started with celebs (as usual) walking the runway sporting this modish trend. We saw the look at the New York Fashion Week, when makeup artist Patricia Montelongo, Executive Director Global Education, Tom Ford Beauty, dolled up Gigi Hadid perfectly using some eye gloss, glitter, and liner. And voila!

About this deep and sultry look, Patricia Montelongo said to Women’s Wear Daily, “We didn’t want a straight line, we wanted a little bit of that curve to it so it’s not going out at an angle. It just goes softly hugging the eye and then just around the nice soft edge.

Gigi’s sister Bella also rocked this look on the ramp for Jason Wu. About it, her makeup artist, Yadim said, “On the way here in the car I got a text saying ‘Let’s add a graphic element to it,’ so we ended up with a cool wing with an edge.” Cool, we love it!

Other celebs like Joan Smalls, Lady Gaga have also sported this trend. The look is bold yet subtle and that’s what makes it perfect for everywhere. Heading to a party? Time to draw on the thumbprint liner. Going on a date or to office? This new liner art seems to be the perfect look for every occasion. So if you were thinking that thumbprint liner is too high fashion for you, erase that thought.

It doesn’t even require that much time or effort, you can get it in under five minutes. Recently, makeup artist Hung Vanngo posted a video on his Instagram that had Salena Gomez being cute with sparkly, thumbprint eyeliner eyes doing this pout, giggle, finger-wiggle thing. She was looking absolutely stunning; her eye makeup a balance of laidback and glamorous.

The look is so versatile, and well, amazing in every single way. From the looks of it, the thumbprint liner is going to get super popular and stick around for a while. The trend is going to be what everyone will be sporting on New Year eve. So whether you plan to go for the black thumbprint look for the perfect casual smoky eye appearance or blend in some color pop or glitter, don’t be surprised if your friends ask you about how you look so magical!