Women having foot fetish have to deal with the issue of choosing one pair of shoes that they will wear on a special occasion. This is no doubt a difficult situation for those who love all their shoes equally and yet have to choose one of them for a special occasion. However, there is one thing that you need to keep in your mind as you look forward to choosing the perfect pair of shoes that you will be wearing along with a perfect dress for the occasion.

The key is to choose a pair of shoes that will complement the best with the dress you have worn as well as will look appropriate for the event you are wearing it to. Additionally, you need to make sure that you keep in mind the event you are going to attend and wear the shoes appropriate to it. While going for an office party, you can’t opt for shimmery shoes neither can you wear plain boots in a party. Nonetheless, if you love wearing shimmery shoes, you need to know the events where you should wear them.

1) To the pub:

Even if your friends have made a quick plan to hit the pub and you do not have an appropriate dress to wear to the club, you can pair up an ordinary dress with the most glamorous shoe that you have. Complementing a plain dress with a glittering and shimmering pair of shoes will make you look different in the crowd and will surely make heads turn! If you are up for pumps, wear the shimmery ones having a long heals alongside!

2) On a wedding:

There are two kinds of people who attend the weddings. One is the type in which people love to stay simple and wear plain white dresses complementing them with plain matching shoes. The other type of people is the one that make sure to wear the most shimmery outfit that they have complementing it with the most glittering pair of shoes ever! Do not be like any one of them. Just go for some mixing and matching of a plain dress, shimmery shoes and lots of accessories.

3) To the party:

The most favorite shoes of the party lovers are the ones that are not only shimmery enough to keep them the center of the attention but are also flat so that they can easily dance on the floor. On the other hand, people who are pro at dancing while wearing long heals dipped in shimmer would like to go for heels with straps for a party. No matter which of the both options you choose, you will stand apart from the crowd in the party!