Everyone has this tiny wish in their heart of being someone else for one day. While you cannot pour your soul into another body to live another life, one thing you can do is fulfill your childhood wish of being Batman. Or Catwoman, or Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Or just anyone you want to be.

You cannot do that every other day but luckily on Halloween, you get to dress as bizarrely as you wish without looking like a fool. But if you have lived through quite many Halloweens, then chances are you would like to try something different this year. Or maybe you would just choose to follow a trend.

Remember how last year everyone showed up in a Harley Queen costume for Halloween? The getup was worshipped so ferociously that every corner you turned you saw a Harley Queen coming from the other end. Perhaps you were a Harley Queen yourself. Now, once again Halloween is coming up and people are scratching their heads thinking how they should dress up this year.

Good thing, every year brings its own fair share of trends to choose from. This year as well, the fashion community has some super fun and creative Halloween looks ready. Here are some looks that you are sure to see a lot on Halloween this time around:

Wonder Woman

Last year the Harley Queen getup had dominated the streets, this year Wonder Women would be everywhere. If you love this superheroine, you must try this look for Halloween this year because by next year there would surely be some other “in” look to try.

If you are in this confusing situation where you want to (because it is cool) and don’t want to (because it would be mainstream) go for this look at once, then unlock your innate awesomeness and experiment! For instance, you can be zombie wonder woman or vampire wonder woman. You can even be vintage wonder woman. The possibilities are endless!

Sparkling unicorn

You know what they say, be human unless you can be a unicorn. And what is better than a unicorn that shines! I say take out all your makeup weapons and sprinkle some unicorn-y goodness over yourself. The look would be even more on-point if you are also following the latest hair color trends like rainbow or platinum hair.

Make sure you paint on some purple and pink stars on your skin, stuff your face in a pile of glitter, and stab a horn in your head. Wear a pink dress and be ready to dazzle in all your hippie glory.

Glittery zipper face

Glitter is surely taking over the world, huh? Apart from the sparkly unicorn look, you can also go for the zipper glitter face. Makeup artist Jeneva Zoya Edwards posted a picture of this look on her Instagram a few months back and ever since the glitter-zipper face has gone viral. Now with Halloween just around the corner more and more people are liking and commenting on this post of hers.

We have seen the zipper-gore face too, that is about a zipper opening up in the middle of the face to reveal blood and flesh but fortunately, that look has been overpowered by this glittery version. Even Huda Kattan approves of this look as the Huda Beauty Instagram page shared Zoya’s look and called it “pure art.” Gabriella Alvillar too did her own version of this look and shared it on Insta.

So there is no denying that this single zipper is going to be equal to metal bracelets and the magical (unicorn) horn this Halloween.