December 9, 2021

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“Those who came to pick us up enjoyed the smell of laundry and soap”

He is going “Very good”. Back on European soil, French astronaut Thomas Baskett spoke to reporters on Tuesday, November 9, at the Cologne airport (Germany), just hours after his successful landing in Florida. “We got used to it very quickly”, He promised, at the same time not saying that he was ready “100 meter run”.

Thomas Pesket says he has “I enjoyed it a little more” Of the phase of re-entering the atmosphere, thank you “Large windows” SpaceX’s capsule compared to its first mission Soyuz capsule. There was breaking “Strong” But contact with the sea “A little soft” Than the one that landed in Kazakhstan in 2017.

What was his first strike after he was released from the Dragon Capsule? The Frenchman spoke “Scent” : Team members who came to pick up the astronauts “The good smell of laundry and soap”, He insisted, “It also means that we have not smelled very well after being at the resort for six months.”. He admitted that he did not “Very stable” For his first steps and he says he had trouble sleeping on a phone “The look of a resilience that pulls everything down”.

The 40-year-old said “Have good rain”, A “Experience” Promises to be “Special” More than six months in Spartan conditions. “Seeing all the water droplets fall in the same direction is like a sci-fi movie.”, He looked funny.

“Not well compiled” The astronaut recalled living with the idea of ​​discovering a world still confused by Govt-19. “Six months without a mask” In space. “We’ll get back to that”, He promised, he realized his dreams “Rediscover the world before” For he to return to earth.

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And what are the plans for the future? Norman asks “Take some time” For him after these two long cycles dedicated to the ISS since 2014. He did not deny his interest in the possible journey to the moon. “We are researchers and we firmly believe that this will be useful for everyone.”, He insisted. He promised to welcome his three comrades to France from the Crew-2 voyage: “We are united for life now.”