May 26, 2022

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Thomas Baskett will no longer return to the ISS, here is the reason

From his 43-year-old height, Thomas FishIt can undoubtedly qualify as a talented astronaut. At the time of writing, he is at the International Space Station (ISS) at zero gravity. His return is scheduled for next week, but the date has not yet been confirmed. After this return, Thomas Baskett will no longer return to the ISS, but his adventure as an astronaut will not end there.

A day in the posting of the ISS command for the French astronaut

Of the day Thomas returns, With three other astronauts, planned in between November 4 or 5 Next. The reason for this uncertainty Postponement of the flight of their alternatives Part of this is from October 31st to November 3rd Mission Crew-3D SpaceX. As a reminder, Thomas and three other astronauts preparing to return to dry land have joined the orbit. In April 2021. Overall, they spent Six months in space.

Awarded to the most experienced and experienced, French astronaut Many exit tasks During this second and final stay on the ISS in space. He especially had to do Install new solar panels. On October 4, he Accepted the station’s command. He thus became the first French astronaut to hold this position. Nevertheless, since he had already stayed at the ISS in 2009, Thomas Baskett Will not return. In fact, the European Space Agency only allows its astronauts two flights to the ISS.

A forced meeting between Thomas Baskett and Matthias Maurer?

If NASA has been forced to postpone the launch of the Crew-3, it is not just for technical reasons. In fact, one of the four passengers on this next flight European astronaut Matthias Marar. The thing is that Germany and France have put pressure in a way Two ESA astronauts (European Space Agency) meets orbit. It should be noted that these organized mergers have no technical or scientific purpose. Truth be told, she is no less in appearance A pure contact feet.

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Thomas Baskett: On the way to the moon?

Let’s remember that Three seats in the gateway Dedicated to experienced ESA astronauts. Thomas Baskett meets the criteria exactly Most likely one of these Observers next to the moon. Also note that “Gateway” is the name given by NASA to the future Lunar Space Station Whose launch is planned 2024.

Both space agencies and companies are involved in the implementation of this ambitious project. The ultimate goal of this great international partnership is to send humans into space. More than ever, As part of a scientific study. To clarify, the orbital complex will be parked near the moon. So there will be no landing on the moon.

Following NASA’s schedule, the Entrance to the Lunar Space Station To act From 2026 onwards. So, let’s feel it Scientific experiments and technical explanations.