December 8, 2021

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Thomas Baskett faced an “emergency situation”: he avoided the worst in space

After more than 400 kilometers of orbit around the Earth for 199 days, the French astronaut of the European Space Agency (ESA) appeared with a smile.Great body shape“, Broadcast during a press conference from CologneAFP.

There he will undergo examinations and rehabilitation program at the European Astronaut Center. Thomas Baskett’s second will stay at the station. “Learned a lotWith his first experience as captain. He had to face “Emergency Last October 15, with Accidental loss of control of the ship’s orientation, Caused by the timely ignition of the propellant of the Russian spacecraft Soyuz MS-18, stopped at the ISS.

Taken “Respond quickly, this is what we practice But in real life, the station spins in the sky, and it’s not the same lemon“, Then said the astronaut in charge”Distribute utensils“There is this incident.”Almost lucky, because it was a very rewarding experience“, Commented the 43-year-old astronaut.”I had the whole experience and I learned a lot“, He continued, congratulating himself on his luck in making four additional vehicle trips as an actor and leader.

This second stay at the ISS confirmed Thomas Baskett in the eyes of his team. “A small space family.. Whose good understanding is essential in the perspective of long journeys such as traveling to Mars in the future.

Except “Psychological profile“Communications with astronauts and relatives, Thomas Baskett believes it”The main thing is to keep people busy“, Avoid Thoughts”Slightly impairs morale“Because, above all, Space station, if we do nothing, it’s like a prison With great vision, some fun things like floating“.

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This lab, he had already stopped four years ago during his first trip, also helped him to observe the negative effects of human activities such as pollution. But he says he saw it this time. “Many more extreme weather events“, Storms and fires.

Now the astronaut will undergo an intensive rescue program. He considers 80% of his potential today, and he “Six months to 100% recovery“.

In the meantime, he finds some simple pleasures. Colleagues have told him about it.Fun experience“On the way back from the shower. Unlike it, at the resort, where”Drops go everywhere“, He had”The origin of an unnatural experience“, With”These drops and this water will flow in the same direction“.

With the question of his dreams to come. Because at the station, We are weightless, dreaming with somewhat bizarre scenes But with the rules of the physical environment … by floating“. Expects to return to Earth in a few more days in the land of dreams.

He must have been glad to see his companion Ann Mottet, who was on a journey to welcome his man from Rome.