Fashion world is well aware of the name Thom Browne. He is a renowned fashion designer based in New York, United States of America. He started his career in 2003 and soar to popularity in a relatively less amount of time.

This designer became a crush of many fashion divas. He owns men wear and women wear brands. He is known for his diverse work and creative styles. Fashion industry debuts his ideas as unique.

Everything about him is unique and out of everything ‘Hector Luxury Handbag’ tops the list. Drum roll. Thom Browne has launched a dog shaped handbag worth $35K.

Hector is not an ordinary dog. He is Thom Browne’s obsession. He is the biggest fan of his dog. Calling Hector a mere ordinary dog would be a high offence since Hector is not like any other dog. He is a celebrity. Thom’s one year old wire haired Dachshund has won many hearts.

Hector has been a show stopper at many events of high profile and extravagant fashion shows. Thom makes sure that he dresses Hector as elegantly as possible. One of Thom Browne’s friend told Fox News ‘Hector is amazing. I swear he thinks he is a person’.

Hector has a huge fan following. It has become a part of Thom Browne. Where ever the designer goes the pup follows him in lavish dresses and ends up stealing hearts.

Hector also happens to have his own Instagram account. He quickly became quite a sensation on Instagram as well, thanks to his cute expressions and fancy clothes.

He is the second most famous pet in fashion after Karl Lagerfelds cat called Choupette.

Fashion critics believe that Thom has been using Hector to earn publicity and it is just not the pet owner love that is fabricated in Thom’s collections.

Hector has appeared in Thom Browne’s collection many a time. Perhaps, hector-less collection by Thom Browne looks incomplete now. The fame tables have turned. People watch Thom because of Hector.

The young pooch rose to fame in last March when he made a dramatic entrance at Fall 2016 runway. Hector was dressed up as a handbag made of Nutria. Nutria happens to a type of river rat. It was done to mimic the scruffy fur and to obviously attract the viewers. Hector became a fashion sensation after that.

The handbag was also spotted on the arm of Cathy Horyn who took it to Paris Fashion Week which in itself is a huge deal. Other street styles followed the pursuit and sales touched new heights. Thom Browne’s business sky rocketed. Thanks to Hector.

Ever since then Thom has been designing hector like bags that some in diverse ranges. The material used and the colors are numerous.

However, this week Thom went overboard and is launching the most lavish hector inspired bag.

It is made of crocodile leather and is bound to melt many hearts. Even though the regular prices of Thom Browne’s collection are expensive but he took this one too far. The bag is available in the market for $35K.

Yes. You heard us right. The price is $35K. So, are the fashion celebrities going to drool over this luxury and spend the money or is sanity going to prevail and people will realize that dogs and hang bags are supposed to be different?

Time will tell…