June 26, 2022

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This version will replace Windows or macOS on your computers

Chrome OS Flex is a newer version of Google’s operating system that can be installed on Windows PCs and Macs (macOS).

You can now enable Chrome OS Computer (Including Mac) In fact, Google is releasing a new version of its operating system “Chrome OS Flex”. According to the four-color giant, this version of the OS can be installed on your computer in minutes, thus replacing Windows or macOS.

Google is particularly committed On the edge That experience will be the same as that provided by a Chromebook – It runs Chrome OS on its own. The company specifically explains that part of the code that basically operates does not change, although the availability of certain functions depends on the hardware of the computer being used. This is about Google Assistant and related specific options Sync with Android smartphones.

Dedicated OS for professionals

Chrome OS Flex is a version designed for businesses and schools. We imagine that this will be mainly aimed at capturing the US market.

Note that this initiative is a continuation of Google’s acquisition of Neverware. The company was notable for providing the CloudReady service to turn the old system into a Chrome OS engine. More information about Chrome OS Flex is available on the Featured page You can also find a download link.

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