May 26, 2022

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This robot vacuum cleaner absorbs, washes, and empties itself. Its price is crazy

The world of intelligent robot vacuums is constantly changing. Dream is widely recognized for its stick vacuum cleaners and plays an important role in this category. Its latest model, the Dream Z10 Pro, has everything you would expect from a great model in 2021.

At the moment, Amazon is offering a special discount, the price of which is reduced to 499 euros with the coupon (visible on the product sheet). To take advantage of it, click here:

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Dream Z10 Pro: Second Generation Robot Aspirator

The Dream Z10 Pro creates a map of your interior during its first voyage. For this, it uses the LDS LiDAR laser, which can detect the environment in 3D. 3D is used to avoid upstream obstructions, which allows the robot to block objects before they can interact. The side sensors allow for precise cleaning against the walls for best performance.

The most important thing for the robot vacuum cleaner is that the Dream Z10 Pro does its job quietly. If the suction power rises to 4000 Pa, the maximum noise is only 80 decibels. With a height of less than 10 cm, it can easily clean the base of most furniture and sofas. Carpets are not a problem for him as he can climb up to 2 cm in height.

Its new brush allows both to collect very fine dust, but most of all it prevents the animal’s hair or scalp from curling. So its maintenance is facilitated on a daily basis, which is even more so with its new vacancy station.

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Garbage dump that changes everything

Choosing a robot vacuum cleaner means choosing the one that takes the least amount of time to clean. Unfortunately, the classic models require more maintenance, emptying the (most regular) dust container. The Dream Z10 Pro with its automatic emptying station automatically empties its tank after each cleaning. Significant time savings for users who only need to empty this main tank once every two months. The magic.

In addition, you have the option of storing the dust directly in a dedicated collector or 4L bag. Perfect if you have allergies and do not want to handle dust.

La Vitage Station © Dream

Intelligence at the center of the application

Dream vacuum cleaners use the Mi Home app. This allows you to control everything in the vacuum robot. So you can remotely control your Dream Z10 Pro, start local cleaning, and choose the power according to the components. Thanks to Amazon Alexa compatibility, you can control your vacuum cleaner by voice.

The Dream Z10 Pro allows you to wipe the exclusive tray. If you have beauty engraving or tiles, this is a real plus. With a total of 150 minutes of cleaning you have a wide range. Enough to clean big houses.

Mini price of Dream Z10 Pro

The last notable aspect of the Dream Z10 Pro: its price. The pack with the dump station and vacuum cleaner is currently less than 500 euros on Amazon. To benefit from this rate, all you have to do is click on the coupon box on the product page. Even without the reduction, such a combination at such a price is unheard of. To take advantage of it by the end of the October offer, here it is:

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Buy the Dream Z10 Pro from Amazon