December 8, 2021

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This perfect NVMe SSD for your PS5 is at the best price on Amazon

After a wait of almost a year, the PlayStation 5 has acquired an update that offers the option of adding an SSD to the storage expansion console. If prices are too high, this time the giant Amazon offers 1 TB of NVMe WD_BLACK SN850 SSD for 150.99 euros against 190.47 euros.

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

It took almost a year, but after the September 2021 update, players will be able to increase the storage capacity of the PlayStation 5 as it finally supports M.2 SSDs. However be careful, before embarking on the adventure and before opening your console, make sure that you have a disk that is compatible with the requirements of the PS5, especially in terms of size and performance. The WD_BLACK SN850 SSD meets Sony’s requirements, offering high read speeds and 1TB of storage capacity to boost your PS5. Especially now at a good price Thanks for the 21% discount.

An SSD is optimized for the PS5 because …

  • It offers speeds of up to 7,000 MB / s
  • It has the advantage of having a heat sink
  • And offers a good amount of 1TB of storage

The 1TB WD_BLACK SN850 M.2 NVMe SSD is currently available, instead of the Strikethru price of 190.47 euros. 150.99 euros on advertising on the Amazon site, Or 21% instant discount. The 500GB version is also cheaper and From 144.99 euros to 102.15 euros.

Slightly risky installation on PS5

Always take the format of NVMe SSDs near the RAM bar. Usually an NVMe SSD is very fast and easy to install on a PC, which is another story on the PS5. In fact, if you want to integrate it into your PlayStation 5, be sure to update the console, equip yourself with a Philips screwdriver, and be gentle and patient. But fear not, if you want to install this on your next gen console, We recommend this article which covers all the steps to install SSD without any problem and it is accompanied by a video.

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Highly recommended by the designer of the Sony console

As mentioned earlier, it is important to maintain the performance of the console, which is why Sony does not accept any SSD in its system. So being an NVMe SSD is not enough, it has to meet certain criteria in terms of interface, speed and format. In this good project, we have what you need. The WD BLACK SN850 has all the features New Next Gen Console from Sony. It is a PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD that offers 7000MB / s read and 4100MB / s write internal transfer rates. This is more than enough, because the Japanese company recommends a reading speed of at least 5500 MB / s.

Vertern Digital matches its SSD with the heat sink, which is recommended to prevent overheating, which can lead to loss of console performance. After all, this SSD was recommended by PlayStation 5 architect Mark Cherni. And According to his tweet, Even if it is his personal choice – rather promising.

A great storage capacity: Do not delete these games anymore

Unfortunately the Japanese brand’s next gen console has only 667GB of internal storage … this may seem like a lot, but when some games are over 100GB, after installing 4 or 5 games on the console, the storage runs out quickly.

So, if you are tired of deleting your games from your library, you will be glad to know that this SSD is capable of storing up to 1TB. So you can enjoy more. Games or even. Applications and software if you want to connect it to PC. This SSD is very responsive and will reduce the loading time of your video games.

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Which storage solution should you choose for your PS5?

If you still do not know which internal SSD or external hard drive is most suitable for your console, we invite you to see our guide. Choose any internal SSD and external hard drive for the PS5.

Is there room for games on your brand new PlayStation 5? So insert the internal SSD or external drive so as not to delete the captions.
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