December 9, 2021

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This is getting worse for AMD Raison CPUs

Microsoft and AMD promised to deal with Raison CPU performance issues in Windows 11 … but since then they have gotten worse.

Windows 11 and AMD are now a complex story. Recently, we told you about one Performance concern Raisin is found in video games running Windows 11 by CPU users. Both Microsoft and AMD promised to investigate as soon as possible and release an update … but we’ll have to wait Texpot. Not only last Update Dating does not solve the problem, but it does make it worse.

AMD users expected October 12 update Fixes bugs in the original version. If some compatibility issues are resolved, nothing has changed in the right direction on the side of the Raison processors. Anyway, this is the opinion of the special site TechPowerUP (TPU), which confirms the feelings of the users.

One of the concerns mentioned in Microsoft’s latest press release is the L3 cache delay, which may be higher than expected. There is the TPU Confirmed this analysis At the end of an absolute scale. They give the example of the Raison 7 2700X, whose delay has been around 10 ns Under Windows 10. On the other hand, in the first version of Windows 11, the delay increased 17 ns. Following this last update, she is apparent The eruption is now over 30 ns.

On the other hand, the other concern is nothing new, i.e. load distribution on different cores. So this feature is not fixed either. We can at least be satisfied that it is not bad.

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How to return to Windows 10?

For the most demanding AMD players, it would be so much better, while waiting for the problem to be fixed once in a future update Delay switching to Windows 11. But if you have already fallen and experienced performance issues, you may be triggered Go the other way. Fortunately, if you have recently installed Windows 11, this manipulation is possible. In fact, one of the new users 10 days delay Return to their previous installation in case of dissatisfaction.

To do this, it is very easy to handle. If you are still on time, start by accessing the menu Settings (Settings). Then find the menu Organization In the sidebar or center icons depending on your version of Windows. And then click Recovery (Recovery). This menu usually has an option Return; All you have to do is click on it and let it guide you.

However, there are some things you need to know before you get started. To get started, make sure you do Know the password you use in Windows 10. If you have changed it in the meantime it may be different from your Windows 11 password; You will be in any case It is necessary to access your old system ! Be careful not to get caught. Note that there will be changes made after further upgrades Canceled. It covers everything Settings System, but anything Projects In the meantime you have installed.