Lily Collins always knew, didn’t she? She always knew the power of thick brows and when the trend became popular she didn’t have to follow it; because it was following her. There was a time when thin, arched eyebrows were in. Looking back, those were horrific, and we’re glad the fashion has died.

Thick brows are in and everyone is rocking them either by hook or by crook. But there’s a teensy bit of a problem that comes with the thick eyebrow trend; while thick eyebrows can be trimmed, thin eyebrows cannot be naturally thickened. Is that a problem? No really. There are several solutions that you can resort to, to make your brow game stronger.

Filling in your brows with makeup every morning can look fake or take lots of time. So, microblading is the next option. But even the idea of sharp tools and the subsequent pain can be scary enough to make you rethink. A better option? This new brow gel that is a blend of paste and trimmed hairs. All you have to do is paint it on, brush the hairs, and wait for it to dry.

The end result is pretty realistic. The product is a Korean one and it’s called “Reallyyy? Eyebrow Extension.” That’s a befitting name considering that is what one exclaims when he notices how realistic the look created by this hair-fiber containing gel is. This is not the first time hair trimmings have been mixed in a paste to create such a product.

Other American brands like Maybelline and Tom ford have similar items as well. However, the fibers in the Reallyyy? Eyebrow Extension gel are a bit bigger. A great product for people who have very thin or no brows. However, it would be more helpful if it were available in more color options.