May 19, 2022

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This antivirus application contains malware that can collect your bank details

App Store android Not as safe as users expected. According to N.C.C.Cyber ​​Security Research Group, a Antivirus application There is dangerous malware, reports Squeeze the lemon.

This application, antivirus super cleaner, carries Sharkbot, which contains a devilishly capable Trojan that will be empty with the rest. Bank account Victims. This malware is in lite form when downloaded Application. It updates and activates directly on the smartphone to achieve its final shape.

Find out before downloading the app

In addition to bank data recovery, SharkBot can ultimately control all the features of the target phone. If you have recently downloaded Antivirus Super Cleaner, it is recommended that you remove and reset the application Skills.

Fake antivirus has already been removed from this Game Store, But it has already been downloaded a thousand times, NCC warns. Researchers in Internet SecurityAlthough available in the official store, please do some research on the app before downloading it.

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