We all know that one gay person who is so gay, yet he looks so-not-gay. There is not supposed to be a particular gay standard about how a gay dude is supposed to look but still. We all have a view. A great example is Colton Haynes. The Teen Wolf alum is a hunk, girls drool over him, but he’s reserved – by another guy. In the same way, Simon in Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens by Becky Albertalli is expectedly yet unexpectedly gay.

The novel which came out in April 2015 is a story of mushy love and friendship. Simon, the lead character is part of a school musical. He’s gay but even his best friend doesn’t know. Luckily Simon does know. Anyway, he meets another gay dude and love blossoms – on the internet. ‘Blue’ is Simon’s mysterious internet buddy, a secret that he is not ready to unfold.

Until someone not so cool gets his dirty hands on Simon’s emails and blackmails him using them. The sitch? Simon has to patch up this blackmailer to one of his friends and that’s where the problems start. Who is blue? How to save the secret? And the friend drama; all that commences.

Since we’re done with the synopsis, here are thirteen reasons why you should devour this book:

  1. Oreos and Harry Potter Jokes

Simon loves Oreos and is a die-hard Harry Potter fan. This means that true nerds have one amazing thing to relate to. As for the black and white biscuits? Who doesn’t love them?

  1. High school drama at its best

The story is not the same old about a guy getting bullied, no. It’s different. The bully is a nerd with a weapon in his hands. The drama doesn’t involve any negative vibes, and no one gets beaten up.

  1. Ms. Albright

You know that one amazing teacher who makes everything better? She’s one ingredient we want in every YA book that even slightly mentions high school. Simon Vs. has Ms. Albright who has a foul mouth and a lot of amazing things to say.

  1. Friendship that has a homely vibe

Books with more well-constructed characters are always amazing. This book has a team of those. All the characters are chalked out perfectly and have something about them that makes them sit with you a long time after you’ve completed the book.

  1. The villain is evil – in a unique way

If you go backward by a few paragraphs, you’ll see the word ‘blackmailer.’ That guy is the villain. Only, unlike other villains, he doesn’t have muscles. He’s just another nerd. But oh, he’s evil, don’t doubt that. He’s the most annoying character you’ll ever meet.

  1. Simon

Of course, this list says Simon. The lead character is like the cream of an Oreo biscuit. He is the cutest, most pure character who is also super relatable. Even if you’re not gay, you can totally relate to him. Oh, and he’s not perfect. He messes up too.

  1. Everyone loves it

A quick look at the reviews of devoted readers on Goodreads, unveils how many fans Becky Albertalli has made by birthing this masterpiece. Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda has hooked so many readers. It’s hard to not love it.

  1. It’s refreshing

There’s something magical about this book; it can freshen up a tired soul. The romance is fluffy and adorable. If you have been scanning over heavy reads lately, you might want to consider reading this light read next.

  1. Positive morals

Unlike other novels, the goal of this one is to normalize being gay. To accept people for who they are. Simon Vs. is free of violence. It delivers its message subtly; the art of loving people no matter which gender they prefer.

  1. It has its own movie

Love, Simon came out in March this year and unlike other movies that do not do justice to the original book, this one did. The movie has all the qualities that the book does. It’s like a rainbow and sunshine at once.

  1. Hannah Baker

The movie has one of the main characters picked from Thirteen Reasons Why. We’re talking about Katherine Langford aka Hannah Baker who plays the role of Simon’s best-friend Leah Burke in the movie and absolutely nails it.

  1. The deleted scene with Colton Haynes

There’s also a scene which is not a part of the movie, but you can catch it online that involves Colton Haynes. It’s no secret that Colton is gay. While the directors didn’t add the scene at the end it’s pretty dope that Colton Haynes did make an appearance!


  1. There’s another book

Leah On The Off-Beat by Becky Albertalli came out this year and is also based in the simonverse. The same characters but this story is told by Leah Burke. This novel has also garnered a lot of 5-stars though not quite as many as Simon Vs. did. We’re just hoping that this book too gets its own movie!

Wrapping up, Simon’s book and movie are both cool. It’s the book you should read and the movie you must watch. Bored on a holiday? Pick it up with some Oreos.