The WHO has recently termed workplace burnout as a syndrome. A study shows that a huge chunk of the population feels burned out. This means more people need to focus on self-care because daily stress related to or not related to work can have a negative impact on our wellbeing.

But practicing self-care is not something everyone aces at as soon as they began it. For some, the path to it is laden with more obstacles. In such a case, people are likely to feel as if they are failing at self-care. If you’re someone who also feels like he’s failing at self-care know that you’re not alone.

Here are 5 things that you should know about selfcare to combat the negativity and start anew with positive vibes:

1 – You don’t have to follow the trends

In the age of the internet we have trends for everything, not just fashion. From wellness to self-care, there seem to be popular ideals fresh out of the box everywhere. These can be fun for some but for others, they may feel pressurizing.

If a self-care ritual feels forceful and you’re doing it just because most others are, then is it really self-care or another self-created duty? Know that you don’t have to keep up with the latest self-care trends – you can just stick to the habits and practices that make you happy and feel liberating.

2 – You don’t have to do it alone

For several people, their daily grind keeps them lonely. Some of these think that self-care needs to be done alone so that they can quieten the buzz of routine. For others, self-care works best when done with an accountability partner who keeps them sane.

Know that whether you want to do it alone or with someone else should be a decision dictated only by you. If you’d rather have a pal practice self-care with you for more fun, go for it. Socializing like this will also boost your mood.

3 – You don’t have to cash out a lot of money

Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be fun, relaxing as well as either cheap or free of cost. Many people think that self-care is defined by expensive yoga classes, investing in group Zumba, going for a vacation or rushing to a spa every weekend just because that’s how it is in the movies.

You see, self-care can also be as simple as taking a walk in nature. Taking out more time to do nothing but just relax with close friends at home or just taking a long hot bath. It doesn’t have to exert pressure on your bank account and indirectly, on you by being costly.

4 – You should know its not easy

Self-care takes investment of time and we’re all busy bees these days. This makes self-care difficult; to balance both work and your own free time as productivily as possible. For some, self-care is challenging to keep up with because of their challenging routine.

For others, getting lazy along the way happens all too conveniently which can be stress-inducing. Yet others may say that self-care is of no use because there are no results. Now results come slowly and steadily but surely. If you falter along the way, know that you’re human and that happens.

5 – You can skip it sometimes

People who like organizing their routine often feel annoyed when something in their day is out of order. For instance, if they skip their routinely self-care rituals because of some other work-related tasks that pop up, they start beating themselves.

Even though they don’t feel like and don’t have the time to, they try fitting in their self-care routine which can eat up some of their sleep time. This behavior kills the purpose of self-care. Know that you can miss self-care sometimes and that’s entirely okay.